Some Things.

- I am loving October. It’s one of my favorite months. I love the leaves turning, cooler weather, Halloween, the smells, the storms, etc, etc. Also for some reason as soon as it hit’s October my mind finally realizes that we are coming down to the end of the year and Thanksgiving and Christmas which is just all sorts of favorites all over again.

- Speaking of Halloween – we put up our decorations. I almost love Halloween decorations more the Christmas decoration. Almost. Braedon and I had some fun turning these little cheap-o stuffed witches into something a bit more fun. We made the brooms out of straws and shaved wood from a paint stirring stick. We now have these guys flying in our entry way. 

- Also speaking of storms. I just love a good rain. Especially now that my desk has a little window that makes it so I can look through another window that makes it so I can look out the window to see the clouds and storm.  It’s the little things.

- Rose is adorable. And old. Two months old (on Sunday) in fact. That makes my heart jump a little – out of shock, excitement, nostalgia, you name it. Her two month appointment is next week, I’m looking forward to seeing what her stats are.

- A couple of weeks ago I noticed some white on the insides of Rose’s cheeks – so I quickly took her to her doctor only to confirm what I figured it was. Thrush. Both me and the baby girl have it. It hasn’t been too bad – Rose doesn’t seem to be really too effected by it, I hurt for about a week but am now getting much better. I’ve been trying to stay on top of boiling everything every night so that it doesn’t come back – here’s hoping!

- On a more happy Rose related note – she is smiling and cooing even more each day. I LOVE her smile. It just lights up her entire face. I love that she is starting to see and recognize us and other things. We constantly are just staring at her feeling so blessed to have her in our lives.

Passed out on daddy's shoulder on the way up to bed time.
I seriously love these two. So cute.
Out for a walk... she still is a bit small for the carrier, but
she loves it. :)
Snuggle time with mama.
Love her 'thinking hard thoughts' look.
So pretty.
She is such a facey girl.
She's starting to love bath time more and more.
- We went to Yellowstone over last weekend. The last time I had been to Yellowstone I was like 4 or 5… so in my book it doesn’t count. I was a bit nervous to see how Rose would do with all the driving, sleeping in the hotel, and the cold – but she did great. We always made sure to bundle her up (Grandma Lori even found us a huge marshmallow suit to put her in when we wanted to walk around with her). Rose wasn’t the biggest fan of her car seat before this trip, but after being in it so much I think she’s more used to it and doesn’t seem to mind it anymore. Win. We all had a really good time! Once I get photos uploaded I’ll probably do another blog just of the trip – as always we took like 30957 photos. So be prepared. For now - here is a couple from my phone.
Standing in a hot spring
Loves hiking with daddy
- Side note about being out of town over conference weekend… ever since the weekend we picked up Braedon from his mission in 2009 we have been home for a grand total of ONE conference session. Somehow without even trying we end up out of town each time… I get a bit bummed every time for a brief second, until I remember how easy it is to read/listen/watch the talks online at a later date.

- Spook is the cutest dog. He’s grown up a lot in the past couple of months though his puppy self still shows through when we get home or play with him outside. He especially seems to like the fact that I can run with him now (seeing as how I never really ran with him with my big belly and lack of energy while pregnant) – his tail gets going so fast and he does the cutest little puppy pounces. It just melts my heart. He is such a good older brother to Rose – so protective. He watches over her, gets super stressed if she cries, and guards her door from evil (Braedon) when I feed her at night before bed time. I couldn’t imagine our family without him.
Guarding her door.
Spook wants to be part of the snuggle time.
Snuggle buddies
Spook got stressed that there wasn't room on the couch
to snuggle with us... so he jumped up to the top.
Love these two.
Sometimes he just sits and watches her.
- My mom watches Rose for me on Wednesday’s. She also watches my niece Ari – who upon me and Rose entering the house will exclaim: “KIDDLEBABEEEEE” - which of course is a combination of Katie (or Kiddle as she pronounces it now) and Baby. How can you not smile on getting such a welcome?

- I started CrossFit. It’s the best love-hate relationship I could ever have. I know it’s not for everyone, but it is the one thing I have done that I actually want to go to. I feel empowered, strengthened, and challenged while there. Plus the sense of community is amazing to me – not once do I feel judged or uncomfortable. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive – even when due to my lack of abs I’m one of the slowest ones to finish a WOD.  I’m especially glad I have Braedon along for the ride – he is constantly complementing me, telling me that my form is good or that I’m kicking butt. I’m not so sure how much truth there is to it – but it helps me to keep going and stay positive when I’m frustrated with how much I’ve lost over the past months.

- On that note I just have to brag about my husband again. It’s so fun to see him in action – he has come so far in the past months that I really am left reeling at times. For example – we did box jumps the other day. I jumped up to 36 inches and felt rather proud of myself (especially since I’ve never done a box jump in my life nor have I done anything remotely close to ‘jumping’ in the past 9 months). Enters Braedon – who jumps 52 inches. No big deal. That husband of mine is amazing. He really does inspire me. Love him so much. :)

- I went to the dentist the other day and left cavity free. For those that may not know. This is a big deal. Like… a real big deal.

- I am happy it's the weekend. Thank goodness for Friday's.

Loves and hugs internet. Happy Weekend. :)

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The Morrisons said...

Love the new blog look! I always think of you when I think of Halloween decorating (and when I see the combo of black & red!). I can see the owl I sent you in the picture of spook on the floor. Hope you like it!