Counting Down

I feel like these days I'm doing a lot of counting down. Mainly counting down to when our house is finished so we can move in! But also counting down to other things like Christmas and even New Years (or really the week after when my shift changes and I no longer have to work graves... turns out I rather like a normal sleeping schedule).

While I may be counting down for certain events I also am making sure to enjoy the moments I'm in right now. For example. Rosealynn is about the silliest, cutest, funniest, weirdest, craziest, most adorable thing since ever. I just can't seem to get enough of that girl lately. Her personality is coming out in spades and she constantly has Braedon and I laughing. From her dance moves to her weird noises as she tries to copy what we say - she just keeps us cracking up.

I feel like she is changing so much and so quickly all of the sudden that I don't want to forget some of these new things she says or does. So I am going to be that mom today and blog excessively about my adorable daughter (even though I'm sure half this stuff all other children do too and probably doesn't seem like such a big deal to others... just deal, okay?)

- Dancing. Rose loves to move and dance. Whether that is in the car shaking crazily back and forth while waving her arms around like a Muppet. Or doing the pony trot in the middle of the hall followed by spinning so much she falls down from dizziness. I love seeing my little girl move and explore how her body works!

- Talking. Last time I blogged I think I mentioned a handful of words that Rose was saying. About a week after that she all of the sudden double and tripled that list. From countless animal noises to now finally saying buh-bye to accompany her hi's her vocabulary has shot through the roof! Another favorite of mine is when she says "Spook!" She always will point to him while saying it and it comes out "pook!" which I just find all sorts of heart melting. Some other new words are: Ball, Thank you (tink ooo), get me (followed by her running while looking over her shoulder to make sure you are chasing her), eye, papa, and hat. Speaking of...

- Hats. Rose seriously love hats. Hats and hoods and even headbands for that matter. We purchased a cute little white beanie from Walmart the other day and she now goes almost nowhere with out it. If the hat calls off she will promptly grab it and walk over to the nearest person holding it as high as she can for them to put it back on. Once you put it back on she will triumphantly pat her head and say "hat" with an adorable little smile, then walk away and continue on with her business. "Hat" is also almost always the first thing she says upon waking from a nap (we will take it off while she naps) because apparently she just can't go any longer with out it on.

She loves to slide!

- Books. I seriously can't believe how much this girl loves books. I honestly some days will hide them because if I don't I will never get anything done as she will just continue to bring me book after book after book. And how can you say no to a child wanting to READ!? I don't know how. So I usually don't. Or ya know... like I said... will hide all the books. I really do love that she loves her books so much. I love watching her carry a book that is almost as big as her and run down the hall to me with a manic grin on her face.
I love watching these two together. :)

One of her favorite books. :)

- People. Rose loves. I feel so blessed and honored to have a daughter who really seems to spread happiness around her. The wonderful family we have been living with the past few months has become a big part of our lives - especially Rosealynn's. She loves them. Like. Cries when they walk away or put her down after holding her. Giggles when she see's them come home and wont stop saying hi until she has their full attention. This makes my heart swell as well and break a little as I know we wont see this amazing family all too much once we move. While I may be counting down to having all my own stuff again and not having 75% of my junk packed away in a storage unit... I'm not counting down to saying goodbye nor seeing Rose and Spook have to say goodbye to all their new friends. We really have been blessed living here and I've loved seeing Rose build relationships with those around her.
She also loves to give giant open mouthed kisses. :)

Basically what it comes down to is I love my daughter. I feel so blessed and just simply happy. Who knew it was so simple to be happy, but when you see your daughter laugh, dance, run, learn, and giggle... it really is simple to be happy. She is a miracle and a blessing to our lives and I am so glad she picked me to be her mama.

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Kara and Chant said...

Rose is a beautiful, sweet girl and I feel so special that I get to spend time with her every week. Can't wait for you to get into your house! SO exciting!