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I love the fact that on average I'm only able to get out one blog a month... but I suppose it's better then nothing.

Here's the scoop on recent goings on:

- Rose is 5 months. I can't believe how much she's growing and changing. She loves to stand and sit (with some help of course) and say "Dadadadadada" over and over and over. She likes talking in general - she is definetly a chatty baby. She's still pretty tiny - but I think we are finally just about out of all newborn onsies... Most of the outfits that fit her are 0-3 month with a couple of just regular 3 month. All in all she's doing great and adorable as ever. See:
At a family Christmas Party.
She always stretches soooo good in the mornings.
Yes it's blurry... but come on... that tutu is amazing.
Christmas Day!
Christmas outfit! :)
This was Christmas Morning... she was super excited. :)
Yay Christmas!
Rose and her Great Grandma McLelland. :)
Hanging out on the floor
This will happen alot while driving - hats or headbands end up around the eyes.
Annnd moving said hat or headband will always result in this. :)
Getting her Star Trek on.
Always sticking that tongue out.
No matter how hard we try... those hands WILL be in that mouth.
Aunt Nana!
She loves to stand. 
She also loves to watch TV/Computers/Phones. We watched youtube videos for a solid 25 mins.
New Years!
That outfit of hers is probably my favorite right now.
Hanging with Cousin Ari!
I love watching these two together. They are always talking to each other.

Sometimes she falls asleep in the most random positions.

Ready to box even in her sleep.

Poor girl had a cold and was suuuuper sleepy.
She looooves tutus.
Love this outfit too!

Ari was reading books to Rose and making sure Rose was playing
with her 'Baby Toys'. 
Ignore my face... I'm fairly sure I was trying to get a smile out of Rose and failed.

A slightly more successful Tummy Time then most...
Seriously... these two. So adorable.

Love this photo! Her little gut, those pants, that headband, that smile. Sigh. :)
And you can't for get that drool... so drooly. 
Hanging out with her future lover Leo. ;)
She sat and licked this toy for 20 minutes....
Snuggle time with Grandpa!
Standing up!!

- Our Christmas and New Years were excellent!. Well. Our Christmas was really good - so much time with family and we were so blessed and spoiled by them. Loved Christmas Eve and Christmas. New Years was fine... I'm just not a huge fan of New Years. I'm fairly sure we went to bed at 10:00 - which is a good New Years in my book.

- Being home with Rose has been amazing. I'm loving the new schedule that I have and I know I'll love it more once I'm finally done working at the center and can be working at home (starting this Sunday! Almost there!). It's been so wonderful to actually take care of my baby and learn her schedule and be with her all day! I feel so blessed and honored to be able to work part time and be with my baby more.

- Being home more though threw me off on a couple of things - like drinking enough water. Normally I have two water bottles at my desk to make sure I drink plenty of water through out the day... ya not so much when I'm running around the house. This resulted in a kidney stone. Joy. At first I thought the pain I was feeling in my back was from doing my max rep back squats at crossfit... then when it moved a little more forward into my abdomen I thought it was from a brutal core WOD we did the next day. I kept telling Braedon that I hadn't been this sore from working out since I first started and I couldn't believe I was actually nauseous from it either. Then when I went to the bathroom and my pee was bloody (tmi?) I finally realized what was going on. It was bad for a couple of days... and then the worst on Saturday - causing me to throw up on the side of the car as well as 4 times at the center during my shift. Whew. I'm fairly sure those working around me probably thought I was some time of recovering addict or something. I still haven't passed the stone, but I think it's lower at this point so we should be close! Here's hoping!

- Another new thing I've learned is that our down stairs (really our main floor) is FREEZING. Seriously. It's about 10 degrees colder then our upstairs. Thus resulting in me NEVER wanting to go downstairs besides to get something to eat from the kitchen. I end up spending most of my day upstairs in our room, the office, or Rose's room. I'm sure in the summer this will be reversed... but holy cow I hate going down stairs with a passion. It's horrible.

- Braedon broke another can opener... that would be 5 since we have been married. These are the cheap-o can openers either. I don't understand how he breaks them... but he always manages to break them.

- I'm on season 2 of Doctor Who. Woot. :)

- We might have spent a night playing a game and watching the Power Rangers movie... how did that show become popular. I'm pretty sure we only made it like 10 minutes before changing. It was fun while it lasted.

I think that's all I really have the brain capacity and time for so we'll stop there. Life is good. Busy. But wonderful. Till next month time.

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David and Kendree said...

Can't believe Rose is only in 0-3 month clothes! She is so sweet and cute...wish I could meet her one of these days!