Life has been a bit crazy lately.

This leads to many ideas that I feel I need to write down but that I don't actually ever get around to writing due to lack of time. This then leads to forgetting said idea's when I actually do make the time to write them down.

It's a vicious cycle.

Last night we got word from our Realtor that our buyer on our house needs to push our closing date out a week. My first thought is "does this mean it's not going to go through?"... followed by a huge sigh of relief, now having an extra week to pack and get our crap together.  I feel like I got a weeks worth of time back that we didn't have before... so I find myself sitting here blogging rather then cleaning or packing.

It's a pretty great feeling, guys.

It still feels a bit surreal to  me that we are doing this whole "selling and buying" deal. While I'm definitely ready to move on to a bit more space and feel great about our decisions thus far... there still is that part of me that feels a bit nostalgic about leaving our first home. Braedon and I (and my parents and other various helpers) put so much work into our place when we bought it. Don't believe me - just take a look at these before and after picks here. Looking back and remembering the weeks of staying up late, the hard work, the stress about the paint and how it looked when it dried.... and then the feeling of accomplishment when we were finally done and ready to move in is a bit crazy and gratifying.

Now I look around at our home and see it filled with dog toys and baby accessories and think how much we've changed in the past two years.... we've made memories in this home. We've learned and grown and laughed and cried in this home. It's only been two years but I feel that it's so much more. It's a bit sad thinking about leaving this place behind. I almost feel like I'm cheating on a lover or something. Weird? Probably.

That all being said I'm ready to move and ready for the change. We've found another wonderful townhome in Lehi right next to Thanksgiving Point. We've looked at a lot of houses and a lot of townhouses the past few months. We even found some that we thought we liked enough that we put an offer on them... only to be quietly shot down due to other higher offers. Each time we felt a bit of relief though upon hearing we didn't get the home. I kept getting frustrated wondering if I would ever feel that feeling. You know. The one where you feel quite and calm yet excited at the same time. The feeling of rightness. While we hadn't particularly felt bad about some of the homes we put offers on... I never felt right.

After much deliberation (and some blunt words from my family about how un-thrilled we seemed about certain houses we had looked at) we finally set up an appointment to take a look at the townhomes in Thanksgiving Meadow's.

I finally got that feeling. It felt right. It felt good. We liked the floor plan. We liked the location (ten minutes from Crossfit, and three minutes from the freeway - hello!). We liked the space. We liked the fact that it will be new and be ours.


So we picked out our lot (oh did I mention that the only downfall is that it wont be completed until the end of December?), signed some papers, gave a deposit and are now in the process of picking out our colors and upgrades and so forth.

In the meantime we will be moving in with a friend and her parents (Hi, Kelila!) who have been so gracious as to give us a piece of their home. And we now just play the waiting game. First waiting for our sale to finalize, then waiting for our new home to be built so we can move in (hopefully before Christmas *crosses fingers*).

So there you have it. My spiel on all things moving/buying/selling of the Goudie household.

Anywho. I have other items to blog about - like the fact that I have a one year old that is basically walking. And the fact that we went up camping this year and it didn't end in a rush to the hospital as a small child willed herself out of my uterus. And how I didn't die while participating in the Crossfit Retro Games. But I'll get to those another day.


Love and hugs, ya'll.


Karissa said...

I totally get the whole cheating on your house like it's your love feeling. I feel like that whenever I think about leaving our house. The bit you said about making memories over the last two years in your first house made me tear up a little, because I feel exactly the same way. I think those same things sometimes because I know we probably won't live here forever.

That being said I'm SO excited for your new town home! I always thought buying a house that is being built would be so fun because you'd get to pick everything. YAY! I hope you get to move into your house before Christmas...what an awesome Christmas present that would be!

Kelli Brough said...

ahh!! you found a place!!! that is the best best news.
i can't wait to see when it's all finished. so happy for you guys!