It's August. In case you hadn't noticed.

So. It's been a while. In fact, a good long while. I actually had to look back to see what the last blog was about and realized it was back in May when Rose turned 9 months. You guys. It's August. I almost have a one year old.

Weirded out.

Life has been good. Busy. Full. A bit crazy. But good.

What has it been busy, full and crazy with? I honestly am not sure. I just know it has been. Okay, okay I'm sure if I give it a bit of an effort I could probably bring to mind what we've been up to this summer.

Let's do this the only way I apparently know how - Bullet Style:

Birthday: I had a birthday. Braedon also had a birthday. We are both now a quarter of a century. For those that don't really want to think about what that is, that means 25. Which isn't such a big deal besides the fact that we  now can rent a car at an un-ridiculously expensive price. Go us. We didn't do anything super fancy for the big 2-5. I had to work in the morning unfortunately for both of our birthday's, but besides working we had some dinner with friends/family and then just played some games after and hung out with family. I honestly prefer low-key days like that so it was perfect. :) The best part about my birthday? Getting my awesome new Oly shoes. I remember once upon a time when I said I'd never spend a certain amount of money on shoes... apparently that doesn't apply to lifting shoes. Oops. Don't worry we got Braedon some new Nano's for his birthday too. :)
Mine. :)
Braedon's. :)

Kickball: Once upon a time Braedon and I joined a kickball team. Some fellow athletes from Crossfit Draper decided to get a team together, because what better way to cool down after a grueling WOD then a game of kickball? And I'm talking legit kickball here folks... like... we are in a league. And have T-Shirts. You can't get much more legit then that.  Honestly it's been a lot of fun, and besides one rather annoying pregnant lady on one particular team we are just there to have fun. Rose loves going and being passed around while we all go up to kick or out on the field, I love being pelted in the head (oh wait...), and it's always fun to spend more time with my fellow CFD family.

I never actually said I was any good at kickball...

Mini Vacation: And I mean mini. But so worth it. We decided last minute to go down to Lake Powell and Goblin Valley with Braedon's family for a weekend. I've never been to Lake Powell and sorta wished that our Mini Vacation wasn't quite so Mini because I loved it there. Why on earth have I not been to Lake Powell before? I blame all of you. ;) Rose did great on the boat and usually just ended up falling alseep to the rocking. She did not however like getting in the water by herself. If I was holding her, then great. In her little floaty toy? No thank you. Goblin Valley is also a favorite of ours. The inner monkey/climber/whateveryouwanttocallit in me loves running around hopping from rock to rock. What was even better was I had Braedon's little brother to hard-core-par-core with me! Oh how I love my red rocks. Here are just a few pictures from the trip:

She was such a trooper for the whole trip!

Seven Peaks: One weekend my family decided to get a Saturday off and go to Seven Peaks. It was nice to go this year and actually be able to DO something. Last year I was rather pregnant when we went so I was more the picture taker. I even ventured on the huge roller-coaster type slide. Now THAT is a water slide. I never knew I could catch so much air. So awesome. We left semi-early because all the kiddos were getting tired and all the adults were getting hungry so we decided to get some sandwiches at Moochies and call it a day. Mmmmmm. Any day with Moochies is a good day in my book.

House Business: So. We put our house up for Sale. We always pictured ourselves being here for at least another year. It was sorta just an unspoken thing between Braedon and I. Then all of the sudden we caught ourselves saying "Well when we move..." or "Ooooo! We could move to THAT house!" Once we realized what we were doing we decided to talk it over and obviously decided we both felt (for some reason) that it was the right time to put our place up for sale. We got a buyer within 24 hours but unfortunately they backed out a couple of days ago. So it's going back on the market. Such an annoying rollercoast process. Can't wait until it's all over.

Crossfit: It just wouldn't be a proper update without something about crossfit, right? Right now Braedon and I are currently doing a food challenge to get our eating a bit more under control (I might have a donut/candy/icecream/chip addiction). It's been hard but good... and I still might have cheated a couple of times. Oops. I then also thought it would be a great idea to talk to my cousin Jordan to see if he'd join me in a local crossfit competition. He said yes. And I might have had a slight panic attack right after I hit the submit button. I jest. A little. Okay, okay I really am excited to do it... I just go through my moments of doubt where I feel pretty inadequate to compete with such amazing athletes. Luckily I have an amazing husband who supports me like no other and keep's telling me that I'm going to kill it and how excited he is that I'm competing. So we will see how that goes this weekend. If nothing else it was an excuse to get the weekend off from work. Win.

Rosealynn: She's wonderful. Obviously. I mean she has her moments and for sure has a little spit fire temper on her (especially when she's hungry), but we couldn't ask for a better fit for our family. She is constantly making us smile and laugh. It's amazing to see her learn and grow (and crawl and stand and eat and laugh and and and...). I honestly am boggled that in just a few weeks she'll be 1. What happened? This past year flew by! With that I leave you with a bunch of random photos. You know you love it.

Rose at 9 months. Crazy how much she has grown.

This was at the beginnings of her crawling. So funny.
At w wedding shower!
Her cute little fedora that Ry and Tiff gave us! :)
Enjoying the rain!

Oh ya know. No big deal.
He sorta made it onto his bed...
Love seeing this girl when she wakes up from her naps!

Trying out our neighborhood pool!
Aunt Nana came too!
9 Months!
Rose's cousin Noah came over to play. They had fun together.

This is the view you get when we forget to put the gate up. She LOVES the stairs.
Passed out ontop of me.
And woke up like this!
Braedon has a hard time cutting onions.
Playing at church!


These two crack me up.
Oh hi there!
4th of July

4th of July - Must put on those mittens and hats... It's cold out! ;)
These two...
She makes all sorts of weird faces now a days.

We were showing her a snail and she decided to give it a kiss...
we're good parents I swear...

Went out to Sushi Yah for Braedon's birthday!
This is happening...
And this is how we feel about it. ;)

This girl LOVES her daddy. 

I honestly don't even know how this happened...

Visiting dad at work!

Rose and Logan! A month a part. Reminds me of Me and Jordan. :)

Anywho. I can't think of anything else (though I'm sure I missed stuff). Until next time!

Loves and hugs. :)


Kara and Chant said...

You have been busy! Rose is adorable! Love all the pictures. That's exciting about the house. Hopefully something will happen soon! We need to get together soon. Have a BBQ or something before the summer is over. And glad you loved Lake Powell, my parents' favorite place.

The Kims said...

I'm glad you got to go to Lake Powell! It's one of my favorite places ever! I haven't been in years and I miss it a lot. I can't believe Rose is almost one! I think she has the prettiest eyes.

Kelli Brough said...

and you rocked it in that competition!

those clouds totally look fake..!! so gorgeous.

i love goblin valley--looks like a blast! and naked ari...??? HAHAHAHAHA. i died.