Pregnant and Crossfitting + Other Random Updates.

I find myself with some time to blog. How weird.

- I am officially 21 weeks pregnant. Well... I'm not sure if I should say officially. At our gender ultrasound the nurse stated that I was measuring about a week and a half further along then my due date. She then said it's technically up to the doctor on whether it gets changed or not, and I don't have an appointment with him for another week or so. But I figure Rose was measuring right on track at her gender ultrasound and she came almost 4 weeks early... so let's play it safe and move my date up, eh? Hopefully my doctor see's it the same way. If he agrees that means I am now due February 5th and I am more then okay with this sweet little girl coming early.

All and all this pregnancy is going well right now, second trimester is totally the best time of pregnancy - especially now that I'm starting to feel her move more consistently. Nothing is cooler then that, right? I know it's uber cheesy... but I really do feel so blessed and honored to be having another little girl and just can't wait to meet her. :)

- Speaking of pregnancy I've had a few people ask me about pregnancy and Crossfit. I have a hard time putting my full feelings about this into words, but I'm gonna try my best now. Basically in a nutshell, yes I still Crossfit, yes I plan on continuing as long as possible (hopefully until deliver day), and yes I am so glad that I am able to do Crossfit while pregnant.

I get plenty of "Are you sure you should be doing that?" or "You better be careful" comments - which I try and remember are all coming from a kind and well intentioned place. But let me say this - my doctor has said there is nothing I can't do at Crossfit while pregnant and that I shouldn't stop Crossfitting. He has told me to listen to my body and when something feels off or wrong to not do it. He didn't tell me I can't lift, he didn't tell me I can't jump, squat, run, etc etc. He told me to listen to my body (my doctor and I get a long very well). As for the second comment... of course I'm being careful. This is my baby after all. If anyone loves this little creature it's me, so why wouldn't I do everything in my power to keep it safe and healthy?
Burpee box overs.
Crossfit to me is something that is going to keep me and my baby healthy and strong. Exercise is important before and after pregnancy - I want my baby's home for the 9 months it's inside me to be a safe and wonderful place to live and Crossfit helps me do that. I also want my body to be able to bounce back as quickly as possibly after labor so I can take care of my newborn - again Crossfit will help me do that.
Last time I did handstand push-ups for this pregnancy.
Obviously I am not Crossfitting like I was before the pregnancy... I don't run anymore because it feels off to me, my weights have decreased by quite a bit, I make sure to keep a check on my heart rate, and there are certain movements that just are NOT happening anymore (muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, box jumps, and countless core movements).

That being said - I can still row, I can still do double-unders, I can still lift a decent amount of weight, I can still flip a tire, I can still squat, and much more... which is pretty awesome.

With all that being said I do understand why people get nervous about the idea... every person and every pregnancy are so so different and if someone doesn't listen to their body or their doctor it could end badly. So, I'm in no way saying everyone needs to Crossfit while pregnant - each woman should listen and know their own body and limitations. Whether you Crossfit, do yoga, go on walks, run, swim or whatever is great! As long as you are keeping yourself and your baby healthy and happy then I'm all for it!

Me at 20 weeks pregnant, ready to go to Crossfit. :)
But for me - I will continue to go to Crossfit as long as I feel capable of doing so. :)

Moving on.

- Rose is as cute as ever. Her little personality just cracks me up constantly. A couple of things I don't want to forget about her right now:

  • She loves Spook. He is her best friend lately. When we wake up one of the first things she asks me if Spook is with me is "Wheres Spook dog?". She loves to play with him and almost comes down in tears if he runs away or doesn't want to play with her. Luckily he usually loves chasing her around and playing tug-o-war or going outside with her. :)
Giving Spook kisses while enjoying the Fall weather. 
Brushing Spooks hair.
Playing "get the bunny" with Spook.
  • She loves eating things in bowls. It's sorta weird. But any snack that she wants she wants it in a bowl. She'll tell me "Bananas in a bowl" or "Cheese in a bowl" or "Cado (which is avacado) in a bowl". And then she loves to walk her bowl over to the kitchen sink and put it away when she is all done.
Everything in a bowl!
Snuggles and cheese in a bowl.
  • She is totally OCD. I knew she had hints of it before but man she gets some good flair ups now and again. Anytime we go to leave the house I have her help clean up her toys (mainly so Spook doesn't mistake them for a dog toy while we are gone).  If there is ONE toy out of place (even if it actually IS one of Spooks toys) she has to put it away before we leave or she has a fit. I guess I shouldn't complain - girl will be a great help at cleaning the house as she gets older!
  • She loves going to Crossfit. If she see's me preparing our post workout drinks she squee's and yells "Crossfit!" and starts putting her toys away. On my rest days she looks at me sadly saying "Crossfit?" and doesn't understand why we aren't going. I love that she is growing up in an environment of community and a place that builds people up. I love that she is growing up seeing women do the same things as men, lifting heavy weights, doing hard things, being healthy and improving ourselves. Crossfit really is like a little home away from home and it's so fun seeing Rose love being there as much as we do.
Love seeing her want to lift heavy things. She loves going to "Crossfee" with us!
  • Her memory is getting better and better. I will say something like "tomorrow morning when you wake up you can watch The Big Red Dog" and the next morning one of the first things she will say to me is "Red dog!" I am really starting to have to be careful what I say around her. She is too smart!
I'm trying to enjoy my time with her as much as possible before baby 2 comes into our home as I know this alone time with her will be few and far between.

- Fall. Have I mentioned that I love fall? Because you guys... I love Fall. We've already been enjoying the cooler weather, some football games, and wearing jackets. I'm looking forward to going to Oktoberfest, Cornbelly's, Pumpkin Patches, and of course Halloween - cause let's be honesty, one bonus of having kids is being able to go trick or treating again. :)

A nice impromptu night in the hot tub with Grandpa and Nana
I was watching the Utah Game - these two were watching something else.
Everyone in their Utah Gear ready for the game!
Why are little kids in Sports gear so cute!?
She wanted to wear daddy's jacket.
Going for a walk at the Gardens in Thanksgiving point.
Feeding the fishies!!
All in all, life is good. We constantly have those moments where you stand back and think "Is this really my life?" We have things pretty dang good guys. :)

Loves and hugs!

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Kelli Brough said...

oh my goodness. i couldn't. agree. MORE.

IT'S YOUR BODY. YOU DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT. No one else knows your business. That drives me absolutely crazy. People who live a majorly sedentary life and try to tell women living a healthy lifestyle what is good for their body. UGH. "but your baby...!" Thank you for bringing up the point that it's your body and YOUR baby. And no one loves their baby more than a mother. HA.

I'm afraid that I'm going to have a difficult time not giving people the business when they try to tell me mine when we have babies and I'm still doing crossfit (in a couple years--not an announcement! ;))

Good for you. You keep going. And to any naysayers, wave with that middle finger high.

Love you guys! Can't believe how big Rose is getting! Your family is adorable. Love her excitement to go to the gym with you guys and knowing the schedule to put her toys away! :) :)