Loving October!

You guys. I love October. It's a great month. I'm a bit sad that it's almost over.

This Fall has been a great Fall in my opinion. A good mixture of warm and cool days, rain and sun, beautiful leaves changing colors, sigh. I love it.

We have been having a lot of fun this past month! Let's take a look at some of the recent Fall activities of the Goudie clan:

- Oktoberfest. Our lovely friend Katie (I mean she has to be lovely with a name like that, right?) invited us up to enjoy Oktoberfest for her Birthday. Braedon and I decided to splurge, get Grandma Lori to watch Rose basically all day, buy a day pass, and enjoy a lovely day date. It was a beautiful Fall day to spend up at Snowbird with the beautiful mountains. We enjoyed the atmosphere, some brats and some sweet potato fries, great company, alpine slides, trams, hiking, and more. It really was a great day and we ended it with some yummy dinner before we picked up Rose. It was nice to not be chasing a 2 year old around for awhile, but I was happy to pick her up at the end of it. Yes I am one of those moms that sits and texts the sitter and get's excited to see her little one after being away for some time. :)

Getting ready for the new mountain coaster.

At the top of the Tram.

Brats. Mmmmm.

Alpine slide.

Love him more and more every day.
- Cornbelly's. Last year when we knew we were moving to Lehi and gonna be neighbors with Thanksgiving Point, we jumped on a special for season passes to Cornbelly's for this year. I'm glad we did as it's been fun to be able to go over for as long or as short as we like and have some fun. Rose tends to get a bit hesitant when there are huge crowds, but once we get going she has a lot of fun! She loves the slides and the cornbox the most. We've been lucky enough to have friends and family come a long a few times with us too!


Rose loves having Ari come and play!

She loves this slide. She covers her mouth with her hands like she is scared and then ends up laughing and asking for more.

Injury waiting to happen. ;)


Cornbox with Savanna and Ari!

Cow train!

Such a cheeser.

I love her so much. :)

Cow train with daddy!

These two. :)

- St. George. Last weekend Braedon's family invited us along to go to St. George with them. They were bringing the boat and gonna camp for the weekend. While excited for the idea of a St. George trip I was a bit hesitant to camp with a freshly potty trained 2 year old and a growing pregnant belly. Basically I played the pregnancy card... and Lori was nice enough to phone and friend to see if they'd let us stay at their house and they did! It was a great and relaxing trip filled with boating, hiking, relaxing, and fun times with family. Rose loves going on the boat and all week before we left just kept asking me about Papa and his boat. I've decided that one day I will be rich and own a winter home right at the base of Snow Canyon. So beautiful. The trip was great... besides possibly breaking my toe on a hike (only I can find the one rock in the middle of a flat path).

This girl took the long drive like a champ. Made it to Beaver before a potty break, and didn't need any potty break on the way home!

This is how we do road trips. ;)

Couldn't pass up the chance to get in the water when we arrived. 

Best bathing suit ever. ;)

The lake was beautiful and majority of the time we only had to share it with one or two other boats!

Seriously look at this smile... she loves water!

Pulling a "King of the World" moment and a "Marilyn Monroe" moment at the same time.

Love these two. :)

Rose is into "scarying" people with her cute little hands up like this.


Fun times at a Park waiting to meet up with the rest of the party.

Hike in Snow Canyon. 

The toe.

Sunset. :)

Last boat day. 

So beautiful.
Braedon attempting a 360 on the knee board!

Rose likes to scare people. :)

- Misc Items. Besides big events we have been able to go to other fun stuff that doesn't really deserve their own bullet points. For example: We went to the Gardens to feed the fish, enjoyed time in the yard playing with Spook, put up Halloween decorations, and more:
Girl struggles with poop sometimes and a weekend of potty training sorta backed her up. Poor thing. Don't worry we are all good now. :)

She passed out with her butt in the air. So sad.

Anytime it's even a bit windy Rose pats her head and states "Hat" and then you have to wear a hat too.

She saw her life jacket in the garage and ran to use saying she needed to put her jacket on because it was cold.

So excited for Halloween! She loves to wear my witches hat. :)

Her smiles are getting pretty cheesey.

She loves to ride on his shoulders.

Feeding the fish at the Gardens.


She loves the fishies.

Love all the changing leaves!

In other non-Fall related news we officially have a potty trained two year old. Rose took potty training like a champ and understood what was going on from the first day, and even better she was physically ready this time and is able to hold it when needed! We have, of course, had some accidents but they are getting farther and father between. I'm happy I wont have to do two different diapers at the same time. :)

Annnd of course as Rose is able to go longer and longer with out potty visits, I seem to be able to go less and less time between visits. But besides that pregnancy is treating me well! I'll be 24 weeks along in just a couple of days (since the Doctor decided not to change my date because I was only measuring 9 days ahead rather then 10... womp womp) which seems really odd to me. I feel like just yesterday I was only 10 months pregnant. In other happy baby news, we officially have selected the name for this little girl and will be calling her Haevin! As soon as we heard the name we fell in love with it and it feels perfect for this little girl.

All in all life is good and this past month has been really good to us! Hoping Fall sticks around and lingers a loooooong time. :)

Love and hugs.

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