Our Christmas and Looking Forward to The New Year!

You guys. In case you missed it. It's 2015. AKA... It's January.

I feel like time is flying by and I can't keep up with events - aka this is gonna be a bit of a long one!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas - which made me happy as I kept having nightmares that Haevin decided to come extremely early and I missed all the family time on Christmas Eve and Christmas... Luckily baby girl is still cooking. With that said - It's fun to have something to look forward to this January as most years I'll be quite honest... it's one of my least favorite months. I can't wait to meet our beautiful little girl.

This Christmas season was so fun with Rose. Here is how things went down for us.

Rose loves all the decorations and all things Christmas. She would always ask me to turn on the tree or Christmas music while at the house. One day when I asked her what she wanted to wear she picked out this Christmas tutu that was in the back of her closet (and I honestly didn't think it would fit her anymore). We tried it on and it fit and she got so excited. So I had to get some cute pictures of her wearing it. :) Love her!

Not sure what face she is pulling but it cracks me up.



Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house - we decorated cookies, opened gifts, had a lovely dinner, and then finished the night off singing carols together.

Decorating cookies!

Cami and Ari getting in on the action.


She learned pretty quick how to open gifts. :)

Love these two. 

Sticker book!

Playing dress-up.

For a girl that has never worn high heels I was surprised how well she walked in them.

I didn't quite catch it... but she was brushing Great Grandpa's hair. Rose has a special place in her heart for Grandpa's of any kind. She loves them so much.

Christmas Day we did our own little shin dig in the morning. Rose loved seeing the snow outside and opening her gifts. She also loved handing us gifts for us to open. She wanted to make sure everyone got in on the action. Having a little one that is starting to understand holidays more is so much fun. :)

We were very blessed this year. :)

Coming down the stairs!

Her face. :)

She loves her rocking horse. 

Girl loves books! Luckily she got a lot of new ones for Christmas!

Her own new stylish headphones.

I'm not sure if these were for Rose or really more for Braedon. ;)

Spook was there too!

Braedon had to show her what Lincoln Logs were all about.

Helping me open one of my gifts.

I think this is probably the favorite toy she got... so simple but she can't stop playing with it. It could be because of her OCD to want to have the balls "put away" but they just keep coming out. Pretty funny to watch.


More stickers!

She picked this snake out herself one day when I was at the store. She loves it. So weird.

Trying to blow the bubbles.

After we finished up our morning we then went and spent the rest of the Day with Braedon's family. It was fun having a relaxed day with family and especially fun to be able to talk to Braedon's sister Chanty - Rose did so good and got really excited to see her. :)

Making Aunt Nana help opening more gifts!

An extender for our car rack.

Braedon's mom had these Teddy Bears made up out of their Great Grandpa's clothes that passed away this last year.

Traditional family PJ picture. 

We are special. :)

Brad was afraid that we wouldn't have a white Christmas... so he made sure to make the basement look special on Christmas morning.

So happy to see Chanty!

These two have a special relationship. :)

Sibling love. :)

It was a great Holiday and we loved spending so much time with family.

Then the day after Christmas we were lucky enough to have Braedon home again as he took the day off work. We decided this was the perfect time to really introduce Rose to snow since we hadn't gotten any before Christmas. As none of my snow stuff fit Braedon was a trooper and took out Rose into the cold to have some fun. I came out long enough to get some photos. We also then took her sledding later in the day and loved it. She wouldn't stop giggling or saying "Ready, GO!" So fun to watch her try new things.

All geared up and ready to go!

She had to show Braedon every "Christmas tree" in the back.

Pointing out the next tree to look at.

Loving the snow.

Braedon's face when I told him he should show Rose how to make a snow angel.

Good thing he is a great sport and an even better dad and does it anyways. :)


I think this was her favorite part about snow.

My cute little snow bunny.

Sledding for the first time. That smile. She wasn't afraid for even a second.

Basically Rose loves the snow. :)
All in all it was a great week. We also had a fun new years with friends eating some Indian and playing some games. I even stayed up until Midnight. Barely. I'm looking forward to 2015 and bring in a new little one to our family.

Life is good. :)

Love and hugs and Happy New Years!

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Kara and Chant said...

What a great Christmas! My kids are jealous of your snow. We just have rain. But it's still beautiful. Miss you guys. Rose has the best facial expressions. Can't wait to see pics of new baby. I'm sad we won't be there to meet her. Miss you guys!