The Thing About Snow.

It's snowing. Finally. Maybe I'm in the minority, maybe not... but regardless - I am so happy it's snowing!

My relationship with snow and winter is a little hard to understand. While I may not be the biggest fan of long winters, bad driving conditions, inversions, and freezing temperatures - that doesn't really mean I don't like winter, snow, or cold conditions.

Confused yet?

Basically it comes down to snow. There is something very... romantic? beautiful? nostalgic? ... maybe just more easily put as magical about Winter time and snow. When those big fluffly flakes start to float down from the sky I can't help but be excited and calm all at the same time. I mean think about it - snow is perfect for an excuse to stay inside, bundled, warm, and just relax and do nothing (or blog). It is also a great excuse to get out in the cold and be a little kid again.

This year especially I've been excited for our first real snow more then ever because of Rose. She is in love with all things "snow". Snowflakes, snowmen, etc. This morning was a perfect example - even though we just had a small dusting of snow on our deck Rose still looked out in wonder and amazement. She then quickly ran up to me shouting "Bucket! Outside!" and wouldn't stop asking until we finally gave her a bucket and shovel, put on her hat and coat, and let her explore outside.

I am in love with her adventurous and fun spirit and can't wait for us to have a real snow fall so I can show her how fun playing in the snow really can be.

And because of the magicalness that is snow it somehow always can put me in the perfect spirit for Christmas. I still can't believe that it's basically mid-December already and Christmas is just around the corner. Rose has already made this season so much more fun and I can't wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her. :)

I'm not really sure where this blog was going or if it has made any sense... but in anycase I hope this snowy day finds you safe and warm inside - or outside, playing and having fun - whichever you prefer. :)

In other un-snow related news:

- Rosealynn is getting so big. I seriously feel like there are days she looks so old and it really hits me that she isn't a baby anymore. I have a toddler. That is complete craziness to me. I love her more and more every day.

Love how long her hair is getting, love that face, lover her smile. Love everything about her.
- I'm officially 31 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how close we are getting to having this second little girl. I still can't believe we are having our second child. I feel so blessed, honored, and sometimes stunned. I mean... some days it seems just like yesterday I was still struggling with our first miscarriage and trying to get pregnant with Rose. Seeing her now so grown-up, and feeling our baby Haevin's hiccups and movements inside my belly is the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. I really am blessed and can't wait to meet this second baby girl.

Nothing else too exciting is going on in the Goudie household. Just counting down the days to Christmas and then the days to Baby Haevin. We are happy and life is good. :)

Till next time - loves and hugs!

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