Life With Two Daughters Thus Far

Oops. I skipped the month of February... I guess having a newborn will do that to you. On to some updates.

- Haevin is now 5 weeks old and doing great!  When we had her two week checkup she was sitting at 15% for weight, 75% for height, and 50% for head. I'm excited for her two week check-up to see how she is measuring up now. :) She does pretty good at nights and only wakes up once to feed... and has even made it 7.5 hours one night. She nurses quick and goes back to sleep easy so I can't complain even when she does wake in the middle of the night. She really is such a good baby (thus far) and I still am amazed that I have two daughters...

- Rosealynn is still two and a half. ;) No really she is doing great. Everyone asks how she does with Haevin and I couldn't have asked anything more of her. She does amazing. She is so soft and sweet with her and only wants to help me (to the point that if I throw a diaper away instead of letting her do it she get's upset with me). I love seeing Rose's excitement when Haevin blabbers or smiles or her worry when Haevin cries or fusses. It's adorable. And my favorite is when Rose wakes up each morning and asks me "Where is my Haevin?" So sweet. :)

- Braedon. There are no words to express how grateful, amazed, and proud I am for this wonderful man. He is always there by my side, to tell me to take a break, to help with the kids, to remind me I'm beautiful, to give me foot massages, and of course to work his butt off providing for our family. Speaking of, he just got yet another promotion. Braedon doesn't understand how to NOT give more then 100% and it shows in all that he does. I couldn't be prouder of him in this new promotion and am amazed by his ability to, work hard, adjust, adapt, and to do what needs to be done. Basically... I love him. :) /cheesiness

- Me. I'm doing great! I'm almost to my 6 week check up (all parentals know what that means *wink wink*).  The healing process this time around has been a ton easier and I know that's due to how active I was while pregnant. In fact the healing process is going so well I'm already back to Crossfit...

- Crossfit. Before I was discharged from the hospital I got the courage up to ask my Doctor about the whole "No exercise for 6 weeks" deal and asked if that was set in stone. I was completely shocked when he returned with a "Oh, absolutely not". I probably looked like a deer in headlights because that was not the answer I was expecting. He then went on to say that with my delivery if I was feeling up to it I could probably go back after a week if I wanted. I was so happy. I told myself I'd wait 2 weeks just to be safe, but I didn't quite make it the full two weeks before I went back for my first workout. I made sure to take things slow, feel things out, and listen to my body (as always), but oh man it felt great - especially being able to touch my toes. I then only went a few times for the next couple of weeks (and actually took a week off due to an impromptu trip to Florida - more on that later), just so I wouldn't make myself too completely sore. But now I'm back at it full force and even participating in the Crossfit Open! I'm not expecting much out of my scores for the Open, but it feels great to be a part of the community I love during such a fun time. I love going to Crossfit - it really is my sanity. My release. My me time. I'm so glad to be back with my CFD family and can't wait to get my body back to where it was.

- Florida. Or more specifically - our impromptu 9 day trip to Florida! With Braedon's new promotion part of the bargain was they wanted him to go to a 4 day work Conference down in Florida, where they would be putting him up at a Disney World Resort Hotel. Uh. Hello. We talked back and forth about whether we thought it would be possible for me and the girls to come down too... because... hello... free resort. After going back and forth and back and forth and watching flight prices... long story short, with some major help of Braedon's dad, we were able to make the plans work. We extended the trip, had Brad come along (to help me with the kids while Braedon was at his conference), and made it all come together.

Haevin and Rose both did great with all the traveling. Brad was amazing in helping me with Rose while Braedon worked. And we loved our time together when Braedon wasn't working. And hello - Florida. Disney Resort. Beaches. It was pretty great. We fit in a beach day, a swimming day at the amazing pools at the resort, Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. Rose totally got spoiled with all the fun and attention. Haevin basically did her newborn thing - slept, ate, pooped, and slept some more. All in all though it was a great trip. Here are just a few pictures of our adventures:

This girl loves to swim and as she puts it "floating". And jumping to people in the pool

Silly Faces while waiting in line.

Her face!

Every time we have been to Disneyland/World with Rose we have gotten a picture of her sitting on this anvil with the sword. And every time without us saying anything she will go to eat the sword. My child, ladies and gentlemen.

An actual picture with all four of us! (Weird. Four.)

She loved the beach!

Eating some lunch under the umbrella.

Me and my girls. :)

She loves her daddy.


This is the face she gets when she saw a squirrel. 

Rose LOVES dinosaurs. 

One of her favorite rides the whole trip. Luckily it was not busy at all this day and she could ride it 8 times in a row. No joke.


Catching rain in our mouths.

Loving the rain.

More Dinosaurs!

While we were waiting in line to see these guys, Donald disappeared for a bit. Rose started to get worried so I told her that he had to go to the bathroom. Now whenever she talks about seeing Goofy, Pluto and Donald she will state matter of factly "And Donald had to go potty. But he came back". :)

Basically life in the Goudie household is pretty good. Can't complain over here (besides maybe about traffic and other mundane annoyances).

Love and hugs, folks!

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