Life is Good.

Life is good.

This week has been not as good as I'd like.

But life is still pretty good.

Our week started with Rose deciding that dancing on her bed naked was more important then a nap on Sunday. This is the girl that used to ask ME for nap time (and still does some days). I figured if she didn't want to go down for a nap then she didn't need one - so we skipped it. While she wasn't at her best the rest of the day, she wasn't bad - just a bit more... temperamental sensitive.

That evening we were at Braedon's grandparents for Sunday dinner slash family time. Rose was playing outside with some (second?) cousins, when we heard her start to cry... Poor girl had face planted it on the cement. Her cut lip bled all over Braedon's shirt, scrapes appeared on her nose, lip, wrist, and knees. She calmed down fairly quickly (especially for her lack of nap) and all seemed to be okay (besides a slightly swollen lip/nose area) as we headed home for bed time.

Rose of course went down like a dream since she was so tired with no nap... but then 4 hours later woke up crying and what seemed to sound like barking. As Braedon and I sit up from our slumber he exclaims "It sounds like croup!" and I (in my complete mommy 'everythingisworsethenitreallyis' mode) thought "What if her nose is broken and leaking fluids into her lungs!".

Obviously it ended up just being croup.

We had to help calm her down a couple of times throughout the night but luckily Haevin decided that sleeping 8 hours sounded like a great idea and didn't add to the stress of the night (seriously she is a dream baby).

Monday morning we called the doctor to see what they thought was needed... the nurse on the phone said it sounded like croup and since we had an appointment for Haevin the next day (for her 2 month wellness check) that we would be fine to wait out the day/night and just bring Rose in at the same time if she still sounded raspy/barky.

We arrive at the Doctors office and Rose says, in her raspy and almost impossible to hear voice, "hi" to the nurse who immediately states that we will be checking Rose in and getting her some steroids... Rose sounded that bad.

The doctor weighs, measures, and checks out Haevin first (9 pounds 11 oz, 24 inches long - my tall skinny girl). All looks great and well with her. Yay!

Then she checked Rose out (and checked her nose for the paranoid mom) and confirmed that it was indeed classic croup (and not a broken nose or anything remotely along those lines)... and apparently a child can in fact get croup with zero symptoms before hand.

So Rose gets some steroids (luckily in oral form so no crying) and Haevin gets her 2 month vaccines (oral and shots... aka... lots of crying). And we head home.

That's when Haevin realized that due to the shots, her legs hurt... a lot. Insert 'crying for over an hour and refusing to eat' here.

Luckily Rose is amazing and even though she clearly isn't feeling good she is still happy. Plus when she saw me struggling with Haevin she came and patted my arm and said "Haevin's sad... It's okay mommy" and then went and entertained herself rather then adding more stress to my afternoon. *heart melts*

After fighting for over an hour I gave up feeding Haevin, loaded the girls in the car (where Haevin finally calmed down and fell asleep) and met Braedon at Crossfit, who then took the car full of sick/sad girls and let me go have some me time and lift heavy things. I love lifting heavy things.

What on earth would I do without Crossfit?

I get home, significantly less stressed, to flowers (that Rose picked out for me), some yummy treats (that Braedon picked out for me), and a calm and sleeping baby (that a combo of Braedon, Tylenol and a front carrier took care of for me).

What on earth would I do without Braedon?

Both girls seem to be doing much better the past couple of days and we haven't had any tantrums, melt downs, or cry fests by any of the girls (myself included). Yesterday I even got dishes done, work done, girls dressed, dinner in the crockpot, workout completed, and a hot bath in. I call that a major win of a day, folks.

While in each moment I felt like the week had been one of the longest ones I'd had in some time... looking back I realize things could easily have been worse and really weren't that bad. I think I'm just spoiled with amazing (and extremely healthy) kids, so when even a little crap hits the fan I tend to stress a bit...


But really... life is good. And sometimes I just need to remind myself of that (and write about it on my blog, apparently). Seriously though - how can it not be good with these cuties in my life:

The day AFTER vaccines went much better then the day of. Thankfully.

So sweet.

Riding the Ferris Wheel at Scheels for the first time. :)

So. Excited.

Good morning!

Snuggles for days.

Oh hi!

What our mornings look like sometimes.

She looks so old and grown-up to me in this picture...

Playing with Spook.

That belly though!

See? Life really is good. :)

Happy Easter, everyone.


Kara and Chant said...
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Kara and Chant said...

So sorry it was a rough week. Don't you love when everything happens at once! Oh I miss Rose! She's so big! LOVE that last picture of her! So cute. Haevin is so cute! You are a lucky mamma!