September Happenings

I'm all sorts of behind on blogging - I started this blog back in October and never got around to finishing it. So it's a bit outdated, but still happened, so I'm still posting it. Plus then I'm one step closer to NOT being behind. Eh?

- Rose got a stomach bug a while back (like back at the beginning of September - did I mention I'm behind?). While this may not seem that big of a deal to most - it was the first stomach bug she ever had. And first time she has ever thrown-up. While I am all sorts of grateful she hasn't had to deal with this type of sickness before, it also meant that she about had a panic attack when the first throw-up went down.

We happened to be at Seven Peaks finishing up our time there after a lot of slides, wave pool fun, and general splashing around. Rose had seemed fine all day. We decided to be done as it was getting a bit chilly so while I went to change Haevin's diaper, Braedon volunteered to take Rose down one more kiddie slide. In the middle of changing said diaper I all of the sudden I get called over to Braedon who looks anything but happy. I then notice that Rose is bawling and both are covered in... stuff. Luckily (well luckily for Seven Peaks, not so lucky for Braedon) Braedon's body acted as a shield and spared the kiddie pool from the gross carnage that was Rosealynn's throw-up. We cleaned everyone up as best we could and started the trek home... which of course had to include a quick pull off of the freeway since sweet girl lost the contents of her stomach again. All over herself and the carseat. Awesome. Thank goodness we happened to be in two cars since Braedon had met us at the park straight from work. We transferred Rose to the other car, gave her a thermos that Braedon happened to have in his car and finished the drive home. While Rose didn't enjoy throwing up - she did find it amusing to throw-up in the thermos.

Not wanting to worry about her hair getting in any throw-up during the middle of the night - we put it up in a top knot and she got pretty excited that her hair matched mine. 
The rest of the weekend was a bit rough with up's and down's and with Rose telling us "I don't like thrown-up's". But she was still her sweet loving self all weekend and also loved that we gave her a red bowl to use as her throw-up bowl. Thankfully the sickness only lasted about 4 days with two of those days not being as bad... but it still was not fun to see her so sick and miserable. Glad it's over!

On a side note: I said a version of the word "throw-up" way too often in that pharagraph. End side note.

- Another fun September activity was when Braedons dad invited us along to go to San Fransciso for a weekend with him and Lori. We of course said yes and had a really fun weekend! Beach day, driving the coast, seeing some redwoods, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, a hike to the sea lions, dealing with California traffic - where all some of the highlights of the trip!
The first day we were driving the coast and stopped at a pretty beach and Rose was so excited.

So were we. :)

Tight squeeeeeze.

These two melt my heart.

Rosealynn's excitement got to be too much she just couldn't help herself anymore and had to plop down and make a sand angle. In her street clothes. 

Love the happiness and joy this girl has.


Have I mentioned how much I love the Northern California/Oregon/Washington Coast?

On our hike to the Sea Lions

This girl loves her daddy.

Light house and bright sun shine.

The two that made the trip happen. :)

Me and my girls.

I love the Redwoods. 

A picture where we are all actually looking at the camera!

We happened upon a little camp fire event while hiking around the redwoods. They let the kids make masks and s'mores.

Haevin was happy to get out of the stroller/front pack.

On our drive to the beach we passed a little farm/carnival thing kinda like Cornbelly's. We made a quick stop to feed some goats, do some dancing, and ride the 'train' around the 'haunted village'. Rose loved it.

Train ride!

I just love her.

Then we made it to the beach - it was amazingly warm for a Northern beach. Braedon and I did quite a bit of swimming in the ocean and I also happened to take quite a few tumbles trying to get out. Swimming apparently is not my strong suit.

Words cannot express the love I have for this man.

Chasing waves.

Waves chasing them.

She would have stayed all day if we let her.

Golden Gate Bridge

Such a clear day.

She seriously gives such amazing hugs.

And kisses.

Pier 39. Had to ride the carousel and of course had to ride the dragon.


Grandma Lori and Rosie watching the Seals bark.

As we were driving around I had to look up where the Full House house was... and found out it was like 2 miles away. So Brad as nice enough to drive by it for me. :)

It's a good thing my kids like to sleep just about anywhere.

I promise she can breath.

And now for just the random phone photos!

Once upon a time I moved this little mat to the end table while I vacuumed the floor. I turned around to find Spook snuggling down on it. He has never once tried to lay on this while it's on the floor... just when it's on the hard end table. Weirdo.

Can we just pause for a moment and talk about how awesome this guy is. I love how active of a dad Braedon is. Us girls are really lucky to have him. 

And of course Rose had to have a turn.

I can't get over how big Rose is getting! 

Or how long her hair is getting.

Rose loves to take trips to the Gardens in Thanksgiving Point. She loves smelling the flowers and running around. And of course she loves to feed the fishies most of all.

Love her.

The crazy creepy fish that LOVE to eat food.

My attempt to get all three of us in a photo....

After my competition earlier in the month I treated myself to a Vanilla Bean treat from Starbucks. Haevin REALLY wanted some too.

Some mornings Rose just get's so excited to see Haevin. Snuggles always ensue.

Rose is getting more and more "into" Crossfit. She now keeps asking to wear this outfit because it is her workout shirt and she likes to workout with me. And show off her awesome muscles.

Sometimes her "muscle" pose is a little lacking. ;)

Any time it rains the parking lot at Crossfit Draper turns into a mini pond. Rose loves it. Clearly.

A little three year olds dream puddle.

Getting ready to go to school.

Rose taking some "selfies" with Haevin with a broken 55mm camera.

We only do about one bottle a day... but Haevin is staring to be able to hold her own bottle now and it's amazing.

More fun in the rain.

Because there ARE some days that are like this. Not often, thank goodness, but they do happen.

Luckily this is normally how it goes. 

Her smiles are just the best. :)

Haevin loves a good hug. :)

My workout buddy

Rose loves to lift with me.

I love that she loves kisses. :)

Showing her big and strong muscles.

What happens when I ask everyone to look at me and smile!

That time Haevin woke up and we thought she had pink eye... but it turned out she just hemorrhaged her eye. 

Haevins poor eye again.

Loves to eat ALL the foods.

Celebrating 3 years of Crossfit

Seriously. She wants ALL the food.

Rose loves Tacos. :)

Veggies from the garden!

The smile I get from Haevin when she sees food.

All the pony rides.

Having fun at the Farm together.

Snuggles don't happen often. :)

These two are best friends.
And so are these two. :)

Love seeing these two laugh together.

Rose is such a great big sister.


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