Crash Course


It's been a while.

There were many times I told myself I should blog these past few months... but I just kept getting more and more behind and the task just felt more and more daunting so I kept putting it off. Cause that makes sense.

So how about a crash course in the Goudie family for the past few months?

Rose. Three is a great and horrible age. I'm not so sure why people call it the terrible twos, because three is for sure harder then two. That being said I love my spunky, beautiful, sassy, loving, kind, sensitive girl. Rose is always constantly telling us how beautiful and great we are. She is also almost always giving us some type of attitude and never stops talking. She is loving pre-school, loving tumbling, and loving life. I love seeing her grow into her own personality and am so grateful to have such a wonderful daughter.

"Scissoring snowflakes"

Listening to the Christmas Book Papa Brad recorded for her.

OCD at it's finest.

Being a pilgrim at her pre-school Thanksgiving feast (pre-flu).

"I'm the Doctor. I help people!" *swoon*

So. Much. Drama.

Go Utes. 

Drinking a literal glass of tomato juice. 

At the Museum.

Her "super hero jammies" that Braedon got her.

"There is snow everywhere! I love snow everywhere! Thank you clouds!"

And because I skipped over blogging about Halloween - Rose in her cute Kangaroo Costume!

Haevin. Officially 10 months old at this point. At her 9 month check-up she came in at 17 and a half pounds (20%) and 26 inches long (75%).  And no. she is still. not. crawling. While yes it's nice to not have to worry about her getting into things and such, Haevin is wanting to crawl. You can tell she wants to be mobile and gets frustrated and ornery when she is stuck in one stop. She is finally starting to show more signs of getting closer to crawling (scooting around on her tummy, etc). So hopefully she will be crawling here sooner rather then later. In other news, Haevin also has 5 teeth coming in - 4 of which are all cutting at the same time. Poor thing has been pretty miserable but still super smiley luckily.

Her cheeser smile.

Living life in style.

This smile cracks me up every time.


So. Much. Smiles.

Her tongue is killing me lately. It's always sticking out and always to the side of her mouth.

Going to bed in style.

More practice.

When you look down and realize Haevin found a tissue box.

She loves us. I promise.

Braedon. Basically he is amazing. I am always humbled by how hard he works for our family and for all the love and support he gives us. I don't know what I'd do without him. Period. Plus his hair is getting super long and I love it.

Nothing like a man snuggling a baby.

Or a puppy.

Hanging out and waiting around with me at one of my competitions.

Tap dancing with Rose!

Such a good dad. :)

Me. Crossfit, being a mom, working, enjoying time with my cute family. I'm pretty boring. My foot is almost back to normal at this point. Lunges are about the only thing that still hurt/suck. Beyond that, nothing fancy.

Me and my girls.

That one time I got ready for the day for no particular reason and Rose goes "Mommy! Where are we going!?" - apparently I only get ready for days we go out and do something fun. Apparently I should get ready more often so it isn't such a rare thing. But let's be honest - that probably wont happen.

In other general more recent news.

The whole family got some type of stomach bug over Thanksgiving weekend. Lamest. Thanksgiving. Ever. It was a really rough weekend and hard to not see any family or friends for the Holiday, but at least we had a nice long weekend to rest and recover and get over the sickness before having to go back to work. And luckily the bug didn't hit Braedon and I until after we got our Christmas decorations up. So, ya know... silver linings.

In other general less recent news.

We are selling our house. As in - we already have a contract and will be closing in two weeks. Where are we moving, you ask? That is a good question. We have been searching like mad and have seen so many different houses my brain hurts. We may decide to build a new home, but we keep going back and forth on the decisions... obviously we are running out of time though and need to make the decision final. Luckily our buyer has his own lease that isn't up until June 1st, so is willing (and really wants) to rent back from him for a bit, so whatever we do decide, we have a bit of time to figure it out. All we know is we are ready for an actual home. We have loved this townhome and love our neighborhood... but we are ready for our own big yard and ready to not share a wall anymore.

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind with all the showings, house inspections, house searching, etc. I'm ready for the whole process to be over... but know it will all work out how it's supposed to and will be worth it all in the end.

So there you have it. My crash course in the happenings of our life right now.

I am so excited for December and for Christmas. Already we've been enjoying it as best we can. Rose loves the snow and is so excited for Christmas. She told us she wanted to ask Santa for "A robot with big wheels, the sun/stars/and the moon, and coloring pencils and pens. And that's it." Kids really do make holidays so much fun.

That's it for now. Until next time.

Loves and hugs.

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