Catching Up Before April

So tomorrow is April and I totally blew my whole "try for a least a post a month" goal, but figure if I get one in today, then I really only skipped February, right? Right.

Let's just do a little catch up.

Some pretty big things are going down in the Goudie household.

- Baby number 3. We are so excited for another addition to our family. Rose is probably the most excited. She has been asking for a baby since before Christmas. More specifically she has been asking for a baby brother. Not wanting to get her super excited and then figuring out how to explain a miscarraige to a 3 year old we decided to wait to tell her until I got to the 12 week mark when chances of miscarriage drop. The few weeks leading up to that point Rose would keep asking me why my tummy was getting so big, I'd try to pass it off as I ate too much food, but she never bought it. She would simply state something along the lines of "I think there is a baby in there. And I hope it's a baby boy."

It was so much fun to finally tell her the news after my 12 week appointment. If you haven't see the video here it is (or if the link doesn't work, you can see it on Facebook):

I love seeing that look on her face as the cogs are turning and she finally figures out what I'm telling her. Since then she constantly asks how my baby is and asks how I'm feeling. And she has to tell just about everyone that there is a baby in my tummy. She has also started to draw bellies on her stick people to show whether they have a baby or not (and of course when she draws me she always draws a little creature in my tummy).

Notice everyone has tummy's but mine has a little creature in it. :)

Basically we are super excited. My official due date is September 30th, and hopefully this kid wants to come a few weeks early like my first too, but you never know. People keep asking me if I have any feelings on the gender - at this point I feel ready for a boy. While pregnant with Haevin I wanted another girl and was so happy when I found out she was a girl. Now I'm ready for a boy... but with that said... I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with another girl. Either way we will be thrilled... well maybe not Rose. But she will get over it. ;)

As for me - I'm feeling alright. I've had your typical nausea, but nothing too crazy. Luckily the drugs my doctor has given me seem to help. I've been super tired of course... which is almost more difficult for me to deal with then the nausea. Being anemic on top of making a baby is apparently exhausting. I've also had some ribs popping out of place already which is super frustrating as they didn't start popping out until closer to 20 weeks with Rose and Haevin... But all in all I feel like I have it pretty easy and am lucky that I get to keep up most of my regular routine.

- We are building a home. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I feel like it's a bit more real now since we actually have a foundation started.  See:

Framing has also been started this week, but I haven't been over there yet to take pictures. When we went to look at the foundation Rose exclaimed: "I'm so excited for our new home and new baby!" It's gonna be a big year. :)

- As for the girls they are doing great. Rose is surprising me more and more with her personality and learning. I love listening to her sing songs, see her help out with Haevin, and continue to grow. Haevin is 14 months at this point and is just about the silliest thing ever. The faces she makes and the things she does crack me up. Right now she has just about 10 teeth. I say 'just about' because her top two molars have been cutting for like 2 months now... She is crawling like a pro and standing like a pro too! She is also SUPER close to walking and my mommy heart couldn't be prouder. With her hyper mobility we were told that she may not walk until closer to 2 years, she is already taking steps on her own walking between people and getting better at standing on her own too. I think given another month or so and she will be a walking pro. My goal was to see if we could get her walking before baby #3 comes (because if I can avoid holding TWO babes that would be swell), and I think we are gonna totally beat that goal.

I'm loving these two and loving seeing their relationship develop. Of course they fight and have their issues but they also love each other and play with each other pretty dang well. Rose is good at helping out when I need it and Haevin is just a silly little goof ball that wants to be with her sister.

If Haevin SEE's a phone she pulls this face - girl loves taking selfies. But only on camera phones.

Fell asleep in the back of the car holding hands. :)

So sweet.

Rose blowing bubbles to Haevin

I love when she gives me smoosh hugs.

Having fun at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. 


Add caption

My beautiful ladies in red.

Seriously when I say every time... I mean every time.



My family is pretty cute.

I can't help myself.

Some times I can't get over how old she looks.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Practicing walking.

She loves jumping on the tramp.

And swinging.

And getting "hugs" from the snake.

And Haevin just loves taking Selfies. ;)


And over again.

Rose talking to the baby. :)

That time we made Rose clean up Spooks poop the day before Easter.

Rose teaching Haevin how to go down the stairs on her tummy.

Once Rose got dressed she walked in the room and goes "What you think?" and strikes this pose. :)

Playing the piano together.

This next series makes my heart so happy... Haevin starts to laugh...

so Rose starts to laugh too...

And then they are both in fits of giggles.

And just love each other.

Rose helping peel the boiled eggs to make some egg salad on Easter.

Haevin and Rose got this giant puppy from Grandma on Easter. Rose has to snuggle it at nap/bed time.

Haevin likes to come and scoot her bum right up next to me while I get ready for the day.

Snuggles and hand holding. :)

I know I missed other big events between the end of January and now - like our Disney trip. But this will have to suffice. Life is good. Busy. Exciting. Busy. And good. :)

Loves and hugs.

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Shantel said...

Congratulations on Baby #3! That is so exciting and I loooove how exited Rose is about it. That's darling. Also Haevin's selfie smiles are too cute. I've been trying to blog today and it's gotten me three half-finished posts but I can't seem to keep a train of thought to finish one out. I love how you were able to capture so many details with this post. I'm feeling properly motivated now to go finish at least one of those posts so I can beat the April deadline as well. Thanks!