2016 Has Arrived... a Month Ago.

Braedon and I had a conversation the other day about memory and journaling (his grandma had a bad episode with memory loss the other day that really got us thinking about it)... and realized our main source of both is my blog. So maybe I should be a bit better at blogging, eh?

Let's do a little updating, shall we?

General news. Christmas was great. New Years was fun. Oh. We sold our townhouse. Like a month ago. We are currently renting it back from the buyers until end of May... so it was almost a bit anticlimactic (minus the giant sum of money sitting in our savings account right now). We also finally made the decision (after looking at countless houses) to officially build (hence why we are renting back until end of May) - and have put our 5% construction deposit down, so there is no turning back at this point. I honestly am really excited. It feels so right and I can't wait to finally be in a home, rather then a townhome. We've picked out all our design stuff and made all the changes to the plans that we want - now it's just waiting a few more weeks for the plans to be approved and then they start building! Eeee.

Waiting to go down for gifts on Christmas morning.

One of my favorite gifts.

Haevin didn't quite understand what was happening. But liked all the paper.

Rose loved opening gifts.

Best. Christmas outfit. Ever.

This cutie. :)

Goodbye WOD for Daine who is back serving in the Military for the next year. We miss him! The trainers got a pic together before he left.

Went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity on New Years Day with my family.

Getting all sorts of soaking wet.

I got the Tardis Exploding puzzle. It's insanely hard. I love it. Braedon doesn't. Braedon hates puzzles. But when I can't find a piece he still helps me find it. True love. :)

So much love for puzzles. ;)

Went bowling with Braedons family the other day and while we waited for a lane to open up Rose got to play around in the arcade area. She was in heaven.

Haevin thought it was pretty great too.

These three boys crack me up continuously. 

Haevin. She turned a year on the 25th. I feel like her turning a year totally snuck up on me compared to Rose. Haevin is finally crawling, despite struggling with what's called hypermobility, and I couldn't be prouder. When she finally started to crawl she would whine and cry the whole time and you could just see her little legs/hips/arms shake with effort. Now she has built up her strength and is a crawling pro! My heart seriously loves seeing her move around so easily. I still think walking is a whiles off, but she does pull herself to standing at this point, so I know we will get there. :)

Her toothy smile gets me every time.

Why do we all love pictures of our babies sleeping so much?

This is a scrap book Braedon made for me when we were dating back in 2005

Haevin loves to pull it out and look at it. :)

My little doll.

These three. Oh my heart. :)

She loves to make this face and growl. It's hilarious.

Haevin has 8 teeth, loves to eat like no ones business, sleeps like a pro, and now that she can move around on her own is back to being my easy chilly baby. Haevin's personality is also coming out more and more. She seriously cracks me up. She is such a silly little ham. She loves to wave at people, smiles constantly, and thinks she is hilarious. She is starting to get more and more chatty and says "that" "mama" "dada" "baba" and is getting close to saying "hello" and "Rose". We love her so much.
The cupcakes I made for Haevin's party. 

Opening presents - all the other kids supervised. 

I'm not sure how we have gone all this time without having this toy in our house...


Great Grandma Renee was sweet and got Rose a little gift too, clearly it was a hit.

Eating her cake. She just wanted to share with everyone.

Love her.

The aftermath... minus the other half that is all over the floor.

Rosealynn. Now just about 3 and a half she is still her sassy, sweet, threenager independent self. She is struggling a bit with Haevins new found mobility. Before Rose would always dictate what toys Haevin played with because Haevin would just sit there and Rose would bring the toys to her. Now Haevin basically wants to play with anything Rose plays with - and Rose is not used to this. Ha. It's frustrating for Rose... but good for her. I think she is finally feeling a bit of the sting of us having a second child and is a bit more emotional for it. But she still sings songs about how she loves her sister Haevin, so that makes my heart happy.

Always laughing together.

We live on a corner. Thus the snow plow pushes all the snow in front of our house.

Braedon made stairs for Rose and a mini sledding hill.

Rose loved it.

Rose loving her new workout outfit.

Showing those guns.

This is  very typical hair style I do to myself and one day Rose asked her her hair could be just like mine. I think it turned out pretty cute on her. 

More sledding in our front yard.

Sometimes taking off your clothes is hard.

Everyone once in a while Rose will wake up crying from her afternoon nap, when I go to check on her she still looks half asleep - when I ask her what's wrong she says something like "You snuggle me a little tiny?" So I lay next to her, she puts her head as close as she can to mine and falls back asleep. I love it.

Besides that Rose is so so good. She is currently in tumbling still and loves it - though I think when she turns 4 I might switch her to dance as her heart seem to be more in that direction. She still is loving preschool and is getting a bit better with letters. She recognizes numbers pretty well but letters have always been coming slower. But she finally wrote out her name all by herself the other day and I was so excited and proud. All in all we love our Rosealynn.

Sporting her "dad bun"

Sporting her "bonehead" face.

Bottom letters are from Rose. :)

Another "little tiny" snuggle session. 

Love watching these two play together. Also love seeing Haevin stand up.

Another "dad bun"

Fun times at the Dinosaur Museum. 

Playing in the sand.

Decided to go get a treat after the museum... Rose saw this cookie and immediately picked it out. Who doesn't want a cookie the size of your face?

Life is going pretty good for us. We have a lot of good stuff coming up this year - a trip to Disneyland, a trip to Florida, season passes to Lagoon, new house... 2016 is already showing signs of a good year. :)

Till next time Internets.

Love and hugs.

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Kara and Chant said...

Can I just say how beautiful your girls are! And they look a lot alike. So excited for you to have a home! We are living in a townhouse right now and I am just waiting for the day when we will not have to share walls with someone else! Miss you guys!