Laughing Corner Part 2

So, I was bored at work again and thought that I would do another laughing corner. I know things in the world are a little crazy right now and I think that everyone could use a good laugh, so hopefully something on here will get something out of ya. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest clips, comedians, cartoons, etc that have made me laugh. :)

1. Big Bang Theory. Yup, it's on top this time. I honestly laugh so much while watching this show. I highly recommended it to anyone in need of a good laugh.


"I'm Batman!" Hahaha, love it. :)

2. Chuck. Again another TV show that just makes me laugh. It doesn't take itself super serious and it's just fun. Again, highly recommended. :) There aren't as many clips of Chuck on youtube that I could find, but here is some Captain Awesome for ya!

3. Jim Gaffigan, a comedian that I personally find funny, hope you do too.

Cake Anyone?

And how about another...

Hot Pockets Anyone?

4. The Office. Honestly my favorite parts of this show are all the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight. Like this one for example:

and all of these ones too

5. Scrubs. I'm excited to say that the new season is up to par with the older ones. :)

and how about another

and why not one more?

6. Marcus. Another comedian that I find hilarious. Not a ton of videos on youtube again, but here ya go!

and just for fun, look at this trailer for his DVD. Anyone who spots me gets a gold star! :) (To help out, it's within the first 30 seconds of the video)

7. Batman vs. Superman. This has always been a major discussion between my friends, and Chelsea one day fell upon this video and of course shared it with me. It's pretty dang funny. Enjoy.

8. Jeff Dunham. I know I did a lot of his stuff on the last Laughing Corner, but honestly, he just makes me laugh. So this time I have some Peanut for ya. And if I did the same video, sorry, but it's still funny!

Part 1:

And Part 2:

9. Scale of 1 to 10. My sister Robin sent this video to me once upon a time and me and Chelsea where actually talking about scaling people on a 1 to 10 the other day and it made me remember this clip that Robin had sent to me. I thought it was hilarious then, and think it's hilarious now.

10. Random Crap I found on Youtube. I couldn't think of something for number 10 so I typed in 'funny clip' into youtube and here is what I picked.

Anywho. There you have it! Hope you all had fun! Until next time! Keep laughing!

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