Brain Spasms

It seems like just last week I was blogging about how I couldn't believe it was March. Now it's April. What the weird.

I've been looking forward to slash dreading April for a while now. Anytime I open my calendar on my phone I have a mini brain spasm about how much I am going to have to do this month. Remind me again why I thought that planning a wedding, balancing social life, finishing my last semester of school/graduating, and finding a new job all at the same time was such a good idea?

*Brain Spasm*

In reality I know I'll be able to handle it, just don't be surprised if you don't see much of me this month. ;)

So in order to help my little mini brain spasms I'm going to do a bullet point list because in case you haven't noticed I'm a total list person and it helps me feel better after I write them. :)

- This is my last semester of my undergraduate career. How crazy awesome is that!? Pretty crazy awesome if you ask me.

- On the same note, this month just might make my brain explode if I don't keep on top of things.

- Ben comes home soon. Like. Really soon. I'm so excited for him, and most of all Kelci. I loves that girl and I can't wait for her to finally be done with the two year ordeal.

- I love Kelci. (I felt like she deserved her own bullet point, cause let's face it she is just that amazing.)

- Braedon and I, with a bunch of friends, went to Moab this weekend. It was amazing. I love Moab so much. I also love our friends so much. I really have never met a more loving, respecting, fun, crazy group of people ever. They are fantastic. Thank you all for making it such an awesome trip! (Maybe I'll post some pictures later... we'll see)

- I have a big Knot Theory presentation coming up that I haven't done a single thing for. I should probably get on that.

- Showers are going to be starting soon for the wedding. That is just all sorts of weird to me. I'm not the biggest fan of that kind of attention but getting free stuff is always good, so I'm not really sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.

- Wednesday should be my last chiropractor appointment for my neck! I really am glad I went back to get my neck fixed, and even more glad that it's finally done! It's wonderful to not have a constant headache. Go figure.

- We are going to go Tux shopping on Saturday. I'm not really sure where, but we are going. Braedon looks fantastic in a tux. :)

- My bridals are coming up! I'm way excited. I really want to get a picture by a hobo, so cross your fingers that the opportunity arises. ;)

- So, I've decided that I don't want to be a teacher anymore. Well, more I've been getting very strong feelings that I'm not suppose to be a teacher. Life is fantastic, eh? Here's to hoping I figure out what I'm going to do with myself soon. :S

- Me and Braedon just might be learning a special dance for the wedding. Ask me if I'm excited. :) I can't stop smiling when I think about it. Hopefully we don't completely suck.

- Okay, I think I'm done now - off to do homework! Woot. :P

Loves and hugs.

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