1 month.

So I'm sitting here in the stats lab, and there are just the right amount people to keep me occupied enough not to be able to do my homework, but not quite enough to keep me completely busy the whole 2 hours. Thus the blogging.

1) This month has already been so crazy and is about to get even more so. As I said on facebook, make sure and wear your poncho's so you don't get Katie guts on you, on the chance that I literally explode. (Over dramatic)

2) Thursday, one of my best friends, Ben Stanfield, came home from his mission. His girlfriend that was waiting for him (that also happens to be my maid of honor) thought he was getting home sometime this week. Needless to say, it was a fantastic surprise and I was so glad to help out with it. :) If you want her full account of the story just go here.

3) On that same note, I'm excited to have my Ben Friend home. :)

4) As school gets closer to coming to a close, I've entered a new stage of annoyance for stupid people around me. Or lazy people. Or just students in the math lab in general. Or psychology majors that freak out about a 5 minute presentation for a class that requires absolutely no other work. Don't talk to me about your 'stress' (Again, over dramatic).

5) I'm taking my bridals tomorrow. Of course it's the one day this entire week that will be rainy. If I wasn't wearing an expensive dress that still needs to look nice for later, I'd totally take them outside in the rain. Instead I'll just find some cool indoor location down town... I know they will turn out good either way. :)

6) The invites are designed. I love how they turned out. We should start printing and stuffing envelopes here soon and then be sending them off. (Check)

7) Tuxes and flowers are also done as of this weekend (Me and Braedon had one of the most productive weekends ever). I'm excited for how both will turn out. I'm even more excited to not have to think about either anymore till the day of the wedding. (Check and Check)

8) I keep on having to remind myself that I chose to be a math major, I finish school in 16 days, and graduate in 18.

9) How cool does it sound to be able to say "I graduated with my Bachelors in Mathematics". Pretty dang cool to me.

10) I'm still on the job search. If you hear of anyone looking for mathematicians or some such let me know. :)

11) I love Braedon so much. I know that's pretty obvious, but I still feel like saying it. I can't wait till I get to marry him and be with him for time and all eternity. :)

12) Why are people still coming into the stats lab? Don't they know that I'm tired and my brain is basically to the non-functioning level? Don't they also know that they aren't funny or clever but rather just annoying and make me think they are just stupid and lazy (refer back to #4) when they say something to the effect "I'm so glad it's not super busy! You can just teach me everything I need to know for the test *chuckle*, since I totally fell asleep in class! *Chuckle chuckle*" Not. Funny.

13) This combines two forms of nerdy, and I love it.
(If you can't read see it well, it is a little picture of Gandolf from Lord of the Rings, saying "You Shall Not Pass" to an exponential function. It's funny. I swear.)



Melissa said...

But... that looks more like a radical function than an exponential function. Exponential functions only have one curve -- unless its TWO exponential functions?!

Yay nerds.

Melissa said...

And by radical, I meant rational.

Katie McLelland said...

Oh boy, I feel sheepish. It does look like a rational function. My bad. Either way though, still funny. :)