Closer and Closer!

Working in the stats lab = new blog post.

-I wonder when I'll blog when I'm no longer working at the math/stats lab.

-Invites go out tomorrow. Thank. Goodness. Besides getting the wedding video finished up, all wedding plans are done with! Woot!

- Bridals went fantastic last Tuesday! The weather ended up being perfect for the shoot (even though it played with me all day) and we got some really good shots. I'm gonna have a hard time choosing...

- While out on my Bridals I had multiple people comment on my shoes, one even going so far to ask if he could take a picture. So awesome. I love my shoes. :)

-My last day of class is on Wednesday. My last day of finals is in 10 days. Then only 2 days after that and it's graduation! :)

- I didn't think it could, but my patience for people in the math lab is still decreasing as that graduation date gets closer. Every time a person walks into the lab I secretly am giving them the death glare in my head.

- I gave my knot presentation today about Celtic Knots, and it went really well. :) My good friend Josh was also presenting today so I brought some drinks and he brought some food to share with the class because everyone knows that you get a better grade when you bring food, right?

- The food that Josh ended up bringing happened to be those fancy hotdogs (oxymoron?) that has the bread wrapped around it - because they looked like a Torus knot. And then he also brought some Funyuns (mmmmm) because they look like the unknot. It's funny. I swear.

- I love Funyuns - but not so much an hour after I've eaten them. I can't get the taste out of my mouth. Bleh.

- Me and Braedon have a place to live! We are going to be taking the basement apparentment that my sister and brother-in-law currently live in right now. They move out to their own new place the first bit of May, and then we will be moving in after them. :) Perfect time, eh?

- Speaking of a place to live - we are also getting new couches! They are red. And I'm excited. :)

- I get to go to a special (FREE) lunch on Friday with all the other Math slash Math Education graduates. Minus the faculty, there will be a grand total of ten of us. Does that seem kind of small to anyone else?

- I had my first shower on Saturday (I know, kinda gross - I should probably work on that hygiene problem, har har har). It went really well! People are so nice. I've never been a super girly person though, so I have kind of a hard with showers. Especially with showing that my gratitude, cause I just can't make myself do the typical squeal of delight on how cute those oven mits might be, or how perfect those muffin tins are. While yes the mits might be cute, and the muffin tins might be perfect - I'm just not sure how to exactly express that. :S Hopefully my gratitude is felt by those giving the gifts, cause I really am grateful. :)

- Me and Braedon also started to learn our dance on Saturday. Oh. My Lanta. My feet were so sore afterward - and my hips, and sides, and armpit, and butt. Apparently I'm just not used to moving that way. But I'm so excited. That's all the detail you're gonna get - if you want to know more, you'll have to come and see. :) Though I have to give a shout out for Corey for taking so much time in helping us. He basically rocks.

- I think I'm done for the day. My brain is too tired to think of much else.

Loves and hugs. :)


kell said...

Looove it!
It was good seeing you yesterday! I basically can't wait to see pictures. And that dance.:)

Allison and Mason: said...

So I'm curious about your shoes now. I will have to live in suspense. We got your invite in the mail this week. I had no idea taht you and Braedon had known each other for so long!! I love those pictures of you guys when you are young. So fun! (And you look GORGEOUS in your pictures by the way)