Oh how I've missed thee...

So now that I'm finally done with school I've been thinking of all the things I've missed doing because of school ( or me being too tired because of school)... This blog is dedicated to those things. :)

1st) Spending time with Braedon. - I'll actually be able to see Braedon every day this week. That makes me happy. I love my Braedon. (ps. 9 days! )

2nd) Reading. - I haven't been able to read, besides math text books, for so long. For those that know me, this is a big deal. I love reading... and I've missed it so much. I can't wait to catch up on my list of books and get lost in pages and pages of words. Mmmmmm reading...

3rd) Running - I haven't gone running in so long. I'm actually a little nervous to start it back up... I'm gonna be so out of shape. But it will all be worth it. :) (I'm also excited to try running in my new vibrams when they get here!)

4th) Hanging out with these guys, nuff said.
(Love you guys!!)

Sadly I'm still pretty busy with moving, job searching, and all the such... but I'm looking forward to having a little extra time on my hands to be able to do those things I enjoy most.

(Hopefully though I don't have too much time on my hands due to lack of a job... let the search continue. :S)

Till next time.

Love and hugs. :)

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