Pay Off.

It's official. I've gotten my grades back and there is no way they can take that diploma away from me. :)


PSY 3210 Adolescent Development: A
MGMT 495R Executive Lecture Series: A
MATH 3400 Partial Differential Equations: B
MATH 409R Topics Mathematics, Knot Theory: B-

and my personal favorite,

MATH 4220 Advance Calculus II: A-

Yaaaaaay! It feels so good to see all the hard work I've put into this last semester pay off! And to get an A- in Advance Calc II! Are you kidding me!? An A-!? That's so fantastic!


I'm gonna go get me some well deserved icecream.



stacy said...

Have a gallon of ice cream-you deserve it!!

Tiffany said...

Way to go, Katie! I'm so impressed!