Two Days


I get married in two days.

What the whaaaaat?!

I really needed a break from looking up car insurance and job searching, so I thought I'd do a little blogging. :)

- Me and Braedon's stuff is all moved into the apartment, and it's all unpacked too. We still have to decide where we want to put picture frames, but we figured we would wait till after the wedding, when I'm sure we'll have more pictures we'll want up. :)

- On the topic of our apartment... I just want to say that I love it. It's so nice, open, and ours. :) We have been really blessed to have such an amazing place to move into, that is a lot more affordable, and a lot more space then any other apartment we had looked at. One of these days I'll post some pictures... :)

- Braedon and I with a bunch of friends went to the Paramore concert last night. It was fantastic. My voice is struggling a little bit today, but that's okay. It was so fun! I love Hayley Williams and I wish I could sing (and jump) like her. She has so much energy. Loved it. Best Wedding Gift ever. :)

- I've had a cold since about Thursday... and it's getting better, but not fast enough for my liking. Hopefully I feel okay for the wedding.

- So, apparently it's suppose to rain on Thursday. People keep telling me this in such despair and expect me to be super upset about it... but I figure, there isn't really anything I can do about it. Annnd to be honest, I've always like the rain. :) Plus, rainy pictures always turn out so pretty, so whatever happens happens, eh!? I just hope it's not too cold.

- Tonight Braedon's dad is going through the Temple. We couldn't be happier for him, and I'm so excited that I'll be able to be there to support him. :) We also couldn't be happier about him being able to come to our wedding. :) Happy week indeed!

- I feel like I'm forgetting something right now... I'm not really sure what, but hopefully it's nothing important... how annoying.

- I booked me and Braedon a couples massage down in St. George for this weekend. I'm so excited. I've never had a massage and I can't wait. Both of us have so many knots and tension in our shoulders and neck right now just the thoughts of a massage makes my neck feel better. ;)

- Our Vibrams have been back ordered... sad news. So looks like they wont be here till June... I guess we'll just have to wear regular hiking shoes for the honeymoon. La sigh.

Anywho. I guess I should get back to work. Thanks for listening. :)

Stay classy internet.


Chels... said...

A- Massages are AWESOME. Especially couple ones. ;)

B- That's awesome about Braedon's day, congrats!

C- Hiking on a honeymoon eh? Hopefully you're like, hiking naked or something. ;)

That is all. :)

Chels... said...

And by day, I clearly mean dad.

Kelci Sagers said...

I checked the weather, last night, and was about .429 seconds away from being upset that it'll be cold and overcast, maybe even rainy, when the thought came to my mind: "Duh! Katie is the RAINNNN goddess. Of COURSE it'll rain on her wedding, sheesh."

How silly of me to forget... I apologize. ;)

kell said...

I love it!! I'm so jealous. :) Not about the cold part. About the apartment owning and moved in and married in two days. But SUPER awesome about Braedon's dad!!! That is so great.
Also--I know exactly what you mean! Hayley Williams is amazing. And so fun. Good concert. It was fun to see you guys and Ryan & Tiff there. :) ha ha. Glad we could not stink for them.
CONGRATS, AGAIN!!! See ya Thursday. :)

The Kims said...

I heard it was suppose to stop raining tomorrow, if that makes you feel better. You should bring some black umberellas just incase, they will make great pictures.