The Tale of the Sleepless Lady.

So. Today is a good day.


I'm glad that (I made) you ask.

I slept last night! The whole night. I don't remember waking up once.

Let's back up a little.

For those of you that didn't/don't know - I have very low Iron. My doctor calls it Anemia - but what do doctors know, eh? I've actually known this for awhile and even bought the Iron pills that I was told to - but taking them was a different story. I apparently suck at remembering to take pills. I actually have an alarm on my phone to remind me to take my 'No Baby Maker Pill' (as my wonderful husband likes to call it) every day.


So with the help of my stubborn, I mean pushy, I mean loving, husband I've been taking Iron regularly every day for the past month or so. I started to feel a difference - I had more energy then normal. Fantastic! Why didn't anyone tell me to take Iron earlier! (*cough*)

But. (There is always a but)

I was still really tired - especially by the end of the day (and when I say end of the day I mean 5:00 p.m.). For some reason I was not sleeping well. I could fall asleep just fine - I could even fall asleep just fine at 6:00 at night. I would even sleep good for an hour or so - but then it would hit. I would wake up constantly, toss and turn, basically never feel like I was truly in a deep sleep.

The best part? When someone in the bed doesn't sleep good - the other person in the bed doesn't either. So not only was I making myself misreable, my poor husband was reaping the rewards of a restless wife.


So we started to discuss options.

Option 1 - Sleeping pills. But this was an automatic no for me. I'm not the biggest fan of drugs. Mainly because they effect me really well. Wanna see something funny? Get me on Lortab. Plus you hear so many scary stories of people getting so hooked on sleeping pills. Pass.

Option 2 - Muscle Relaxers. Maybe if I was able to relax my body I would be able to sleep? Again another immediate no, and for the same basic reasons as Option 1. Plus I wasn't so sure that just having my muscles relaxed would help me sleep.

Option 3 - Vitamins. Vitamins are good for you. My doctor tells me to take Vitamins. Hmmmm. this could work.

So we went with Option 3. We went over to our local friendly Healthy/Organic/My-food-is-so-good-for-you-we-make-it-to-expensive-for-you-to-afford store! Go the the vitamin aisle. See a little sign that says 'sleep'. (See how easy they make it?)

My oh my. There were hundreds of vitamins - how am I to know which one is best? Then I remembered (are you getting bored of this story yet!?) that my dad had been having similar problems with sleep and had started taking a vitamin that helped! So I gave him a call and he told me that he has been taking a vitamin called melatonin. A gander at the shelves of vitamins before me showed a whole shelf dedicated to melatonin. He proceeds to tell me that 5 mg was too much for him but half that is perfect. So I grab a bottle that is 2.5 mg (orange flavored) and head happily for home.

Bedtime comes - I take my vitamin (without need of any coaxing from the husband this time). And that's basically the last thing I remember.

I wake up in the morning - having slept the whole night through (yay!), but upon standing feeling a little woozy/fuzzy/dizzy (you pick one). So I went to work feeling slightly buzzed (or what I expect it feels like to be buzzed). I finally started to feel clear headed around 3:00 - needless to say not the funnest day I've ever had.

So apparently 2.5 mg is a little much for me.

So our story final finds us at last night. I nervously decided to cut my pills in half (thats 1.25mg for my fellow math nerds) and see how it goes.

Well my friends, I'm here to tell you it went wonderfully. I woke up feeling refreshed and energized. I haven't yawned once today. Not once!

That's a freaking miracle.

So that is why today is such a good day. I'm hoping that if I keep taking my Iron and a little melatonin everyonce in a while that I'll continue to feel energized and rested.

Who knew sleeping could feel so good.



Katie said...

okay i was blog stalking you. and i have to say that i am jealous that melatonin worked so well for you! it doesn't seem to matter how much i take, it does nothing for me. so congratulations on the sleeping success! chronic crappy sleep is the pits.

kell said...

YEAAHH Sleep!!