It's Tradition.

I feel like I'm always talking/writing about this topic - and that now I'm obligated to write a post again about my most favoritest of seasons:


Oh how I've missed you.

I've missed your clean crisp air.
I've missed your cool jacket weather.
I've missed your rolling thunder storms.
I've missed your always changing colors.
I've missed the crash and smash of sweaty men playing football.
I've missed the wonderful decorations your holidays have to offer.
I've missed the scary ghouls, and creepy witches walking through the streets.
I've missed the warmth on my fingers of a good cup of hot chocolate.
I've missed the excuse to wear hats and scarfs.
I've missed the added family get togethers and parties.

You're wonderful Fall - and it's good to have you around again.

Let's hope your cousin Winter doesn't try to take our precious time together too soon.

Love, Me.

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The Kims said...

mmmm fall is my most favorite season too. I'm glad it's back! It just feels so good. All it takes is one touch of crisp air and like a billion happy feelings flood my body.