Not So Necessary.

This blog is dedicated to just some of those not so necessary things in life that I am grateful to have(in no particular order):

-My ice scraper.
-My water bottle.
-My red, fuzzy, and wonderfully warm gloves.
-Good books.
-My electric blanket.
-The ring Braedon's grandpa made for me.
-Adventitious situations that come up in life - Like yams/marshmallows catching fire in an oven.
-Spellcheck (I spell marshmallows wrong every time).
-Toilet paper. Seriously.
-Hot water.
-Traffic Lights.
-Gmail Chat.
-The silence and quite that comes with a soft snow fall.
-Hair elastics.
-My schooling/education.
-Slush puddles.
-The grid system.
-Pockets. Especially pockets in dresses/skirts.

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