I've always been a list person. Buying and renovating a house has only intensified that practice. So I thought it would be nice to get my list down of what we've done and haven't done, and as I've had people ask me for updates on how things are going - I thought I'd make it public. (I like to 'kill two birds with one stone'. Though I don't really like thinking of killing birds. Maybe 'feeding two birds with one seed' would be better?)

Close on the house
Get Key's
Change Locks
Change All Doorknobs
Pick out tile
Pick out paint
Pick out carpet
Schedule carpet guys to come carpet
Fix Upstairs Toilet
Tear out old (gross-nasty-stinky-dusty-neverbeenvacuumed) carpet
Tear out old carpet pad
Tear our old tile
Smooth (grind-chip-hit-kick-hammer-scream at) old tile grout
Tear out (stupid-sticky-horrible-refusestocomeoff) linoleum in three bathrooms.
Unscrew all little plug/switch cover plates
Patch up all holes/dents
Sweep/vacuum/clean up dust and debris
Take Down Blinds
Vacuum edges/tack-strips
Tape, tape, tape, tape
Paint, paint, paint, and paint.
Pack, pack, and pack some more
Watch carpet guys put in new carpet
Move to our new home!
Do a jig (all over the new carpet and tile).

We are getting close! My parents came over last night to help out (I had called my mom to ask the best way to patch up dents and she responded with "I can just come down and do it for you" - I should have realized that was the best way). It was wonderful to have their help and company. I love my parents. :)

There is still a lot of work ahead (especially with the taping and painting) but we've gotten through the grossest part at least!

Don't worry - a full update with before and after pictures (just for you Kelli) will be coming once the move is done. :)

Thanks for all the support everyone!

Loves and Hugs.


kell said...

I read that and smiled, then read your note to me in parentheses and grinned! (and lol'd a little). I can't wait. Thank you ;)

Karissa said...

yay! You guys have done A LOT! I'm excited to come and see it!

stacy said...


Kara and Chant said...

Call Chant when you start painting. He is an expert at it and he loves it ;) So happy for you guys!