A Bit of That, A Bit of Nothing.

Life is good. I don't really have much special going on, but why not document it?!

- Tomorrow I'm going to my first Activities Day activity... (and I just realized that sounded a bit silly, oh well). I'm excited and nervous to meet these girls that I'll be spending so much time with! I'm in charge of bringing treats - I love excuses to make cookies (or maybe I'll make mini-cup cakes, or how about rice krispies, ooooh the possibilities!).

- I have some pretty awesome people in my life. I got some type of bug (24 hour flu?) half way through Wednesday, not only did my mother in law call to check up on me, but the lovely Kelci - who had no idea I was sick but had just missed me on IM from the past day and a half and was worried about me. I feel so special. :)

- So I got Seasons 4 through 7 of Boy Meets World on DVD for Christmas (probably one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever). With being home sick the past day and a half... I might already be close to finishing. I also might be very sad about that fact.

- We got a new TV! Wahoo! We got some extra money back from a tax return amendment, so we put some towards a new TV. Our TV before was free (yay free)... and was slowly dying. It was to the point that it took over an hour to warm up and get color. It's nice to have a TV that I can see and watch from the get go. I'm also fairly sure our electric bill will love us now that we aren't turning on the TV right when we get home just in case we decide to watch it later.

- Spook is growing. He's already gained 3 pounds. Oh how I love that puppy! We took him in for his first vet visit to get his second shots and his nails trimmed - he didn't even cry, whine, or struggle! Plus he snuggled with me all day when I was sick. I'm not sure how we got so lucky with such an amazing dog (my brother still takes full credit for being the one to find him online). :)

- I've gone almost 3 weeks with out any candy. For those that know me, this is a huge deal. Especially when everyone at work is chomping it down. I mean seriously - we've got bags of Swedish Fish, Bags of Mini Candy Bars, Piki Stix, chocolates, etc, etc. Gah. I'm pretty proud of myself so far. :)

- Braedon and I took a walk last night to the gas station to pick up a free red box. The gas station is about 2 miles away (round trip). It was one of those moments where you just feel good and peaceful - it was great to to go on a walk with my wonderful husband and my cute dog under the stars. I've decided there is a lot of accomplishment in walking.

- Speaking of walks - who goes on walks after dark in the middle of January!? This weather is crazy. I keep going back and forth between worry and loving it. I think I'll stick with loving it. Not freezing my tooshy off? I'm all game.

- Braedon's giving a talk in Church this Sunday. I'm a little happy that I'm not giving one as well - now instead of freaking out about my own talk I can sit back and enjoy listening to him give his. He's such an amazing speaker and teacher - especially when it comes to Church related topics. He's so smart - and luckily doesn't laugh at me when I ask him silly questions! Love that man.

- Recently Braedon and I have been trying to follow Paleo Guidelines. Basically we are more trying to not eat any processes foods... it's amazing how much stuff we had to get rid of from our house! I feel good about eating healthier though (literally and figuratively)! And luckily I have an amazing sister that knows her stuff about eating Real Foods and who says she doesn't get annoyed with me asking her a bazillion questions all the time. :) Plus my Brother and Sister in Law are also trying Paleo out and it's nice to have even more supporters and people to talk to about eating healthy!

- Life is really good. I've been having a lot of those 'in the moment' moments where I realize how far I've come and how much I love my life and those in it.

Plus it's Friday. Life is almost always good when it's Friday.



Kelly Jean said...

Such a happy post. I love your positive outlook towards life!!

And Boy Meets World DVDs!??! AH! That IS one of the best gifts ever! How fun!

Hope you're feeling better!!

Robin said...

Yay for happy moments.

And I definitely don't mind any questions. :)

Tiffany McLelland said...

I am very proud of your no candy for 3 weeks record. Ryan and I have only gone a week without treats and we almost attacked two kids in a shopping cart at Costco that were eating Churros......

Karissa said...

I totally got Seasons 1 and 3 of Boy Meets World for my birthday!!! It made my life. Oh I love that show.