All About Rose. :)

I've been meaning to write this blog for some time but just keep getting distracted slash busy. On that note I'm sure there is probably a grand total of perhaps 2 other people that might even care about this post besides myself, but as this is the closest thing I have to a journal these days I wanna document all the cute things my baby girl does so that I don't forget them!

Rose is now 9 months old! That is completely crazy to me! It seems like such a short leap from 9 months to 12... and I do not feel like I should be so close to having a one year old. Her stats for this month come in at 28.2 inches and 17.2 pounds which puts her at about the 75% for height (what the what!?) and the 15% for weight. Still my tall little baby - though she definitely has some more rolls to her these days! :)

This age is such a fun age - I love seeing Rose's personality come out! She is so interactive and smiley! She still isn't crawling yet, but honestly this is great cause I can stick her in the middle of a pile of toys and she is content to play forever and I don't have to worry about her getting into anything else. On that note though she seems to be getting quite close to the whole crawling thing as well as walking... it will be interesting to see which comes first as she loves walking and doesn't really seem so interested in crawling.

Getting close!
Visiting daddy at work - seriously she LOVES to walk.
Basically I'm in love and can't believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful baby.

So now to some Rose-isms.

- Rose's favorite toy right now is her spoon. No toy makes her light up as much as handing over that spoon. She talks to it, shakes it, lifts it above her head, chews on it, smacks it against stuff, etc. Seriously it's like her best friend and only she understands the language of the spoon.

- Rose is a drooooool baby. Holy cow I have never met a baby that drools so much. It's a good thing she's cute and also a good thing we have lots of clothes as she soaks her outfit in about an hour. At this point I keep her in her jammies until right before we leave the house otherwise she's already a soaking mess.

- Rose still loves to eat her feet. In fact there are times I have to change her socks because they are soaked from her chewing on them.

- Rose still more often then not coughs rather then laughs... but the real giggles are coming out more and more these days, which I love.

- Rose claps now when she is overly excited. The best part is it usually happens when she see's me or Braedon. I love seeing that face light up and those arms go like crazy and start to clap!

- Rose is also starting to do this new face where she smiles to big and opens her mouth as wide as possible. Braedon and I will open our mouths as wide as possible at her and she'll almost always do it back. So cute. 
You can kinda see her wide mouth expression here. - even though it's blurry.

- She also makes her sniff face still which I still find hilarious. Bahahaha.

- Rose LOVES food. Seriously folks she starts to smile, giggle, and clap when she see's me getting her food out. She also gets extremely pissed if it takes to long to get that food to her. Girl loves her food!
So happy right now.
- Rose also finally started to say mama - though she usually reserves this for when she wants food or to be picked up. I'll take it though. She still says dada the most. She loooves her daddy. :)

(Please ignore my over excited and annoying voice and just pay attention to the adorable baby)

- She also loves to go around her room right before bed with Daddy and touch every owl in her room (which she has quite a few of). After she's touched one to make sure it's safe she looks to the next one until Braedon walks over to it so she can touch that one too. After she's touched each owl she's ready to have her night time feeding and go to bed with no fuss.

All in all we are loving our time with this girl. It's so fun to watch her grow and learn. She is such a fun and happy spirit! Love you my Rosealynn!

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Brittany said...

ah, so cute! I still think she is probably the most beautiful, adorable, perfect little girl I have ever seen!