Summing Up.

So yesterday Braedon and I were having a conversation and I was trying to explain a certain movie to him. This movie happened to be a chick flick and my explanation came out like this:

"It's the one where the one guy almost get hit's by a train and goes in a coma and the girl falls in love with his brother."

After Braedon stared at me blankly for a few seconds I replayed the words back in my head and started laughing. This movie sounded completely ridiculous when so summed up (granted most chick flicks are more then a little ridiculous anyways, but that's besides the point). This got me to thinking of other chick flicks and how they all sound ridiculous when you try to sum them up in a few sentences.

Any guesses to what Chick Flick I'm referring to above? I know my sisters know it! It's While You Were Sleeping.


We then fell into a game where I would summarize a chick flick in a few sentences or less and Braedon would try to guess which one it was. I enjoyed myself so much I thought I'd try this game on the blogsphere. (Plus I just so happen to be bored, so I figured why not?)

First I'll post the summary's and then at the end of the blog I'll put the answers. See how many you get and let me know!

1. This girl owns a book store and this dude owns another book store. And his bookstore is better then hers so they hate each other but then they wright E-Mails to each other and fall in love.

2. This girl has a major crush on a celebrity and she gets to go on a date with him which makes her fall in love with her best friend instead.

3. This girl loves her boss but then her boss loves her sister and they get engaged. This girl also loves weddings but then she meets this guy that writes stories about people's weddings and the girl doesn't like him. But he writes a mean story about the girls sister and the girl falls in love with him and they get married instead.

4. This guy goes back in time and bumps into a duke and then they both end up going forward in time where the first guy's ex-girlfriend falls in love with the duke so she goes back in time to be with him.

5. This couple falls in love and get's old and she doesn't remember anything so he reads his journal and she remembers for like a minute and then they die in their sleep together.

6. There is this really mean boss and this super nice assistant and the boss is gonna be deported so she blackmails the assistant to get engaged. They go to Alaska for their fake wedding but break it off, because they fell in love for real. They then got re-engaged once they get back to New York.

7. There is a girl that get's engaged a lot but always run's away before the real deal, until she meets someone she really loves. Only she does run away from him. But then she comes back and proposes to him and they get married.

8. A girl hears a guy on the radio and thinks he's super awesome so she flies to where he lives to tries and meet him but she then chickens out. The guys little boy runs away to New York and goes to the empire state building where once the guy get's there to take him back home they all happen to bump into the girl Instant fall in love.

9.  There is a girl with a lot of sisters, her favorite sister falls in love with a guy whose friend is a total jerk. This jerk breaks sister and guy up but later helps them get back together making the original girl realize that she doesn't hate him but in fact loves him.

10. This wedding planner woman almost gets run over by a dumpster and get's saved by cute doctor guy. Doctor guy happens to be a client she's planning a wedding for. They fall in love and he leaves fiance to be with her.

We'll leave it at ten. Now see how you did!

1. You've Got Mail.    2. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton    3. 27 Dresses    4. Kate and Leopold    5. The Notebook
6. The Proposal    7. Run Away Bride    8. Sleepless In Seattle    9. Pride and Prejudice    10. The Wedding Planner. 

That's all for now Internest.

P.S. I'm going to Bear Lake tonight for the weekend. Woot! :)


Kelly Jean said...

I LOVE MOVIE TRIVIA!!!! Especially CHICK-FLICK movie trivia :) Haha - nice game ;) I got all of these right except for numero 9 (and that's cause I've only seen that once... a long time ago..) ;)

...that is pretty funny when you narrow the description down to a sentence or two, haha.

Kara and Chant said...

So fun! I only got 7 but in my defense my kids were talking in my ear while I was reading this. Have fun at Bear Lake!

Jersey said...

This was seriously the funnest thing ever! ha ha ha, my coworkers and I had a blast figuring these out!

Karissa said...

I got six! Not bad. My favorite summaries were Pride and Predjudice (which I actually didn't guess!) and The Notebook. They sound super ridiculous, but are in fact, super awesome. ha! LOVE IT.

kell said...

Nailed EVERY one. What does that say about me? ba ha ha ha. Agreed with what the others say. Summaries are ridiculous but I love the shows!!
And also super jealous/sad that everyone is in Bear Lake this weekend!!! :( But I hope you're having a BLAST