In the Know

I can't think of anything witty to write to open this blog up - so let's just get to it.

- We purchased a new wall piece for our bathroom a while back. I finally took a picture of it. I love how it looks against the yellow. :) Yay for 10 dollar Ross decorations!

- It just so happened the exact day I posted about my Ninja Neighbors we happened to meet the girl that  lives there (or so she says). She wasn't any of the other people we saw previously... and she just so happens to greet us the day I write my thoughts about the secret Ninja's next door? Suspicious much? Don't worry that we haven't seen or heard her since. I think it was all a cover up.

- Once upon a time we had a zucchini. So we made fried zucchini. It was so wonderfully delicious.

- I happen to love the game Left 4 Dead (and Left 4 Dead 2). There is nothing like cutting off a horde of zombie heads with an ax to make you feel better.

- I have a Google + account. I personally like Google + better then Facebook. Unfortunately I know it will be awhile until Google + is used more then Facebook... but remember Myspace? Ya. Goodbye Facebook - Google is taking over.

- Currently one of the main reasons I update my Google+ along with my Facebook (despite the fact that it's not used as much) is for my mom - who actually looks at her Google+ at least once a week. Hi mom! :)

- I find driving alone in the dark to be one of the best things in life.

- I miss math. Anyone want me to do their math homework for them? I'm highly considering taking out my calculus book and starting from page 1.

- Speaking of math... I miss school too.

- I might have a slight obsession with cooking shows lately. I think it might be driving Braedon crazy (though he would never say so). Chopped, Master Chef, Iron Chef, Hells Kitchen - you name it.

- We are going camping this weekend. I'm so excited. It's a yearly tradition for Braedon's family and always so much fun and so relaxing. It also happens to be the place Braedon and I had our first kiss. :) (this is where you all go 'awwwww')

Come on weekend!!


Robin said...

Hey, I got an email from our RS asking if anyone could help a sister out with college math. If you really miss math and want some extra blessings I could pass your name along. :)

kell said...

haha. Help a sister out.

Sounds like a blast coming up this weekend! And I looove house decorating. SO much! AH. We need to come see your place! for reeeelz. ha

Kelci Stanfield said...

Though I (by the sheer grace of God) am done with my math credits... I happen to know of a boy named Benji that REALLY REALLY needs calculus/differential equations help! Two birds with one stone? I think yes, sister.

Also, as payment we are willing to make dinner - your choice on whether we bring it to your place and you enjoy it in peace (frozen or right then) OR you can have it at ours!! :)

I loooves options.

Katie Goudie said...

Robin - What math is it? And could I help out online? (I'd rather not drive down to Utah Valley haha).

Kell - Yes please! We need to play!

Kelci - I LOVE differential equations!!! Granted it's been... 2-3 years since I took that class. But I'm always willing to try help! Let's discuss this dinner stuff further. :)