Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

I'm happy. Very happy. Here's a few reason's why:

- It's Fall. I had to use my heater this morning. Oh how I love crisp mornings.

- My fruit smiled at me this morning:

- I've been painting again. I've missed it. Finished these two over the weekend. They may not be anything special, but I have fun doing it. :)

- Walking down Halloween Decoration isles at the store. I love Halloween decorations almost as much as Christmas. It might even be a tie. I love Halloween. :)

- Speaking of Halloween. On Oct 1st Braedon and I get to go to Frightmares for FREE because it's his works' Lagoon day! I've never been to Frightmares and I've always wanted to! I can't wait!

- My nieces. They always make me happy. Any bad day is turned around with a kiss and a hug from either of these two.

- The fact that in 10 days or less I'll have a nephew to add to the mix and to get cute hugs and kisses from!

- I get to wake up next to this wonderful man every day. :)


Robin said...

Love all the happiness. :)
And that your banana smiled at you.
And I agree, a hug and kiss from those two makes it happy day always.

Natalie said...

*Cheese alert* You are so inspiring - thank you! And I love your paintings - esp the umbrella one, totally makes me think of you and your love affair with rain :)

Kelly Jean said...

Great post. I was agreeing with you the whole time! :)

Karissa said...

eee!!! fall! I'm so excited! I wore a light jacket to work today. It made me super happy.

kell said...

I LOVE your red umbrella painting! Love it. Great job :) happiness is the bomb.

Mark said...

See even your Dad agrees with you.... when's the last time that happened :)

Unknown said...
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Dawn said...

Fall is my favorite time of year also. We should paint together sometime. You would be good at water colors. You should try it.