Dear _______,

Dear Universe,
I'm back for another round of the random "letter's" people write to one self or other random objects. Last time I found it pretty entertaining. Hope you're okay with that.
Love, Me.

Dear Calluses,
Do you have to make our reunions so painful? Why can't you just be there when I need you... it always has to be this slow build up to a firm relationship. Let's speed up this painful process, eh?
Love, Me.

Dear Utes,
Even though your offense isn't that great, I appreciate your efforts in walloping BYU. Thank you for a fun night with the family.
Love, Me.

Dear Random Sir,
Thank you ever so much for listening to your son and putting that 'FREE' sign on your unwanted washer and dryer. Thank you also for telling me all your cute stories of when you were a pilot in the Air Force. I hope your bursitis eases up.
Love, Me.

Dear Braedon,
Thanks for marrying me. Let's be together for eternity, mmmkay?
Love, Me.

Dear Pinterest,
I am torn between gratitude for sharing your wonderful knowledge of recipes, house design, travel and innovative ideas - or guilt for spending so much time looking at your wonderful pictures.
Love, Me.

Dear School,
I miss you and am sorry for all the horrible things I said about you. Let's meet up again sometime, eh?
Love, Me.

Dear Facebook,
You are trying too hard. Stop it. You're ruining everything and making my love for Google+ even greater.
Love, Me.

Dear Books,
I know I've been neglecting you a little bit the past while - I apologize for that. I can't wait to come back to the warm embrace of your pages and promise to do so post haste.
Love, Me.

Dear phrase "post haste",
I just love to say you. Thanks for existing. I will try to use you again post haste. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Fall,
You are wonderful.
Love, Me.

Dear Babies A, C, and N,
Do you realize you are the cutest things since ever? And that I absolutely adore your ever squeaking, wiggling, cuddling, farting, cooing, laughing, grabbing, smiling, hugging selves?
Love, Auntie K.

Dear Life,
Could you be any better? I think not. Unless I so happened to win the lottery with out even entering...
Love, Me

Dear Legs,
I swear it hasn't been that long since I last ran. If you could stop killing every time I stand up, that would be really great.
Love, Me.

Dear Halloween,
I have my very own place this year to decorate as I want (outside and in). Are you as excited as me? I hope so.
Love, Me.

Dear Weekends,
Our time together is always too brief. I can't wait to meet up with you again in a few days.
Love, Me.

Dear Blog,
I really have enjoyed our time together the past years, and look forward to the many more years of useless ramblings. Thanks for always listening.
Love, Me.

Dear Readers,
It's been real.
Love, Me.

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Robin said...

Dear Katie,
Love you.
Love, me.