Friday Blog!

You guys - we made it. Here we are at yet another Friday. Oh how I love Friday's.

Happy List!

- Frightmares tomorrow. I honestly am so excited - it's a little ridiculous.

- I've been running again...and by again I mean I've ran 4 times in the last two weeks. But Braedon and I are back on schedule for exercising right after work. I really do enjoy it. Yesterday I ran two miles in 18 mins. Woot! (I realize this is probably not that great by most peoples standards... but for me it's pretty awesome).

- Braedon and I have gotten back into cooking a bit more this past week. The other day we made home made Country Fried Steak (with home made white gravy). We made a mess - but it was yummy! We also made yummy mini cinnamon rolls with homemade gooey icing. Mmmmmm.
Fried Steak with Green Beans

- Last week Braedon and I were over at his Grandparents and his sister and cousins were painting their nails. I haven't painted my nails (besides for the wedding) since highschool. I was bored - so I thought why not. I painted my nails and discovered that I actually enjoy painting nails... just not necessarily having them painting. I then did Braedon's sisters for homecoming.
Mine were gone after like two days.

- I have the cutest Nieces and Nephew since ever. I just so thoroughly love being an Aunt and am going to try my hardest to be the favorite Aunt. :)

Baby Aria - Oh the cheeks!
Baby C - who loves meat (we think she might be
a zombie). :)
Newest Edition - Baby Noah. Love the hair!

- It's Conference Weekend - I love Conference. Good counsel all while sitting in my PJ's on my comfortable couch (or possibly while in a bubble bath). Perfection.

- October is tomorrowThat means I get to decorate for Halloween. That also means it's still Fall. Win.

Happy Last Day of September and Happy Friday Internets!

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Kelly Jean said...

Woohoo! Good things all around :)

Love the nails, ps.