Fall and Friday's.

Oh you know - just another update.

- First off. My lovely friend Kelci started a Google+ account due to my last blog - so in fair turn I started a pinterest account. Hooked. Love it. Don't have one? Get one. Don't get it? Talk to me. :)

- Football. I love Football. I love going up to my parents house to watch all the Utah games together. What makes football even better then it already is? My wonderfully cute niece:
Seriously? Who wouldn't route for Utah after
seeing this cutie!?
- I also started my first Fantasy Football team. I honestly don't have much knowledge of what I'm doing. Luckily I have an awesome brother that is patient with me and will teach me. I just know that the Ninja Dragon's are gonna kill it (cause honestly - what else do Ninja's and Dragon's do?).

- Did you know what else Football means? FALL! AUTUMN! Oh glorious Fall how I love thee. Changing leaves, cooling temperatures, Halloween, hot chocolate, beautiful mountains, wonderful smells... sigh. Perfection.

- Camping over Labor Day weekend was wonderful. So beautiful and actually lots warmer then last year. I love waking up to this:

- My wonderful sister Melissa is expecting. My first nephew could come any time between Sunday and the 23rd. Eek! I'm so excited to add a cute little boy to the mix! :)

- A couple of week's ago I got to take some really cute pictures of my niece Baby C. This week I get to take some really cute pictures of my other niece Baby A (pictured above). I'm pretty excited. Keep your eyes open to the photography blog for them - I'm hoping to edit Baby C's this upcoming week. :)

- Have I mentioned I love being an Aunt? Cause I do.

- It's Friday. And Fall (did I mention that already?). I get to watch the Utah game this weekend, take photos of my cute niece, and get to spend time with the family. It's gonna be good. :)

Happy Friday Internets. :)

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Tiffany McLelland said...

You just described Fall in a way that I "felt" it. mmmmm. Yay for all the great stuff that's going on!!