It Feel's Like Christmas Time!.

Wow, I cannot believe the amount of love and support I've felt from so many! Thank you all for your encouragement, stories, advice, comments, and support. It means more then you know! I already feel so much more peace and closure, which just affirms to me that telling my story was the right thing to do.


I feel that I can't leave a notashappyasmostofmyposts post stand for too long, especially since this is the last work week till Christmas! So let's do an update of the more recent goings on. :)

- Family Parties. We have had a TON of these! I love it. It's always nice to get together and catch up with family that you have not see regularly. Plus I also love the white elephant games (yes I know some don't but I think it's fun) and my family also plays a sort of Christmas version of Maffia (nothing like killing each other to celebrate Christmas!). It's a lot of fun!

- Eclipse Concert. I spoke about this last year, and of course we went again this year! This concert seriously is one of the things that finally makes me go "oh... Christmas is soon!". It's so fun to go out with Braedon and see these guys have so much fun on stage. Sadly they are getting a little older, aka: voices can't go quite as high, but I still love to hear them sing. I'll be really sad when the day comes and they decide to not do the concert anymore.

- Braedons Sibling Actives. Braedon has some very talented siblings - I swear they are always involved in something or another. The past bit we've gone to a lot of different stuff for these wonderfully talented in-laws of mine. We've gone to piano recitals, singing performances, diving meets, cheer competition, and basketball games! I love seeing these three do what they love to do - it helps that they are all extremely good at what they do too!

- Photoshoots. We've had some fun doing different photoshoots lately. Of course I've been sucking it up on actually updating our photography blog but hopefully after the holiday's I'll get back on track and get some new photos up there. Some of the shoots we've had have been some engagements and bridals! Tomorrow we are actually doing a wedding for the same couple and I'm super excited (and probably a little nervous).

- Annual Beard Party. Let's just say I again won the hairy legs contest. Three years running! I'm thinking I may not compete next year... I'm not sure if it's really worth it. Either way, it was fun to get together with friends, eat some chili, and compare body hair. ;)

- The Car. Our Subaru is finally all fixed! It actually was a very easy and stress free process. It's nice to have a door that doesn't squawk anytime you open it. I'm sure my neighbors agree.

- Babysitting! Braedon and I have had the opportunity to watch first little Noah, then the next week we got to watch Ari! I seriously love my nieces and nephews so much! It's awesome to be able to help out when in reality all I feel like I'm doing is playing! Win, win! Now Braedon and I just have to convince my other sister to let us watch C for them one of these days. :)

- Temple. This past Saturday we actually got to attend our friends sealing. It was such an amazing event and I feel so honored to see these two wonderful people get sealed and then be sealed to their adorable brand new baby! What an amazing thing to experience, especially so close to Christmas!

- Relaxing. When we don't have something to go to it's be wonderful to just sit and relax with my best friend. I love Braedon so much and never want to go a day with out seeing him. :)

All in all it's been a wonderful month! I am continually reminded of how lucky I am and how much I love life!

I can't wait for this weekend!

Merry Christmas, Internets! :)


Robin said...

We don't need convincing. We would love to have you watch C. Too bad Tom works nights, meaning we don't really go out and do things when other people CAN watch our child. ;)

The Kims said...

There really is nothing liking a little killing one another for the holidays.

Yay! I love Christmas.

Yay! I love sealings and weddings.

Ok, really this post was just pretty much "yay!" all around.