Memories and Traditions

So I realized that when I did my 'Traditions' post that I forgot to mention one of my most favorite traditions that Braedon and I have that started from our dating years - going to the Eclipse Christmas Concert.

We've gone the past three years (with a 2 year break while Braedon was gone, of course) and to me, seeing this concert really means that Christmas is close. I've talked about Eclipse before but I honestly just love them - and seeing them live is always so fun. You can feel their spirit, joy and love for Christmas as they sing their songs.

My favorite was the year before Braedon left on his mission we came out of the concert and I was already on my Christmas high when we took our first step outside the building. Apparently it had snowed while we were at the concert because there was a good 6-8 inches already on the ground. The flakes were big, white and fluffy, and the sky was so dark in contrast. It was a perfect moment and a wonderful reminder of why I love snow so much. It's so silent, soft, and magical.

Me and Braedon already have our tickets for Friday and I am so excited to go. If you want a good Christmas CD - go get theirs. And if you want a good Christmas Concert to go to - I would highly recommend this one. :)

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?

Cause I do.


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