Amazingness of Things.

This blogs title and topic was brought to you buy my lovely and wonderful sister-in-law Tiffany. :)

Now 'things' are indeed amazing - especially if you actually sit down and THINK about them. Such things as: plastic, words, why we think certain 'things' are funny (for example this picture:

which p.s. if I ever find this guy I'll make him my boyfriend haha), hair (see picture above), computers, clouds, wind, airplanes (seriously, if you sit down and think about airplanes, you will soon be thinking about their amazingness), magic tricks (especially criss angel - have yourself a look:

freaky huh!?), toilet paper (really people, think about it), books, TV's, DVR, some peoples athletic abilities:

(I really wish I could do that), water, rain, keyboards, iPod's, the ecosystem, some people's ventriloquist abilities:

(yes this was just another excuse to put some Jeff Dunham up), paper, the wheel, cars, laughter, peoples talking abilities, movies, Chinese finger traps, cell phones, and even peoples ability to be amazingly stupid:

There really is a lot of things in this crazy world of ours that are simply amazing. I suggest you all take a few mins and contemplate them as I just have today. :) I hope you all have an amazing weekend! :)

P.S. If you get bored and are a Twilight fan, go look at Stephanie Meyer's website and read the August 28th post - you might find some interesting news about Midnight Sun.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the blog KT!!! I have a new appreciation for toilet paper... and quarters that haven't traveled through Chris Angel's body! I think you are a thing of amazingness!!!
Love ya!!

Taymation said...

Haha. I just watched like all the Neg's Urban Sports I could find. some are freakin Hilarious! Thanks Sis.