Crossfit 801

So this past Saturday I was able to go try a new place called crossfit. What is Crossfit you ask? Well here is part of the description they use when describing what it is:

"CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide."

They have these located through out the US and just recently opened one in Midvale. My sister in law's brother works at one in California and was down in Utah helping with the new open. So we got to go try it out for free. So me, my two brothers and my sister in law head over Saturday afternoon... excited but slightly nervous. (Okay so maybe more then slightly in my case... especially since I haven't really exercised this whole summer... lol)

So once we got there we fill out some paperwork (things like I will not sue you if I get hurt- which only added to the nerves) and then started a warm-up, which consisted of doing some squats, push-ups, sit ups, and a jog around the building. Then it was time for the real work out. Don don! ;)

This is what the work out consisted of:

1. 400 meter farmer carry (which is running with about 35-40 pound weights)
2. 40 wall balls (which is basically doing squats while throwing and catching a 15 pound ball)
3. 400 meter run
4. 40 Push Presses. (lifting a bar from your shoulders to above your head.)
5. 40 Box Jumps (Jumping to a platform about 1.5 feet up and then jumping down)
6. 400 meter run
7. 40 Burpee's (Which is a six count thing involving squatting to the ground doing a push up and jump back up with a clap.)
8. 400 meter farmer carry.

Since we were first timers they had us do the routine in pairs, allowing you to kinda split up the reps. So me and Tiff where a pair and Ry and Tay where a pair. They also timed how long it took to finish the whole thing so if you do continue to come back you can try and do better each time. Me and Tiff finished in 27 mins. which I was pretty happy with. But of course for those who have been doing this for a while had times of about 13 mins. Haha.

Anywho. It was super intense and really hard. BUT I loved it! I was extremely sore for the next two days but I felt strong and fit. I would really like to sign up if the cost wasn't too much for my budget. But thus is life. If anyone wants to check it out here is their website: Oh and here are some pictures of me working out (I'm the hot one in the blue basketball shorts. ;) Hahaha):

Ya I know I look pretty retarded but oh well! :) Anywho that's all for now. Hope all is well with everyone else out there! :)

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Chels said...

Haha. Go you! Very nice Katie :)