Drip Drop

I love rain.

The end.

Okay so I guess I have more. So I went my (okay it's not really MINE, it's my dad's parents.) cabin this weekend with some siblings and one cousin-in-law and his cute cute CUTE little baby, Kelly. (Mom was not able to come because of work...)

Exhibit A:

Anywho. There are many things I love about my Grandparents cabin. Just being away from everything. The smell. The beautiful scenery. The amazing gigantic swings they have there... seriously you guys, they are the best. swings. ever. :)

Exhibit B:

So as you can see there are man reason to love the cabin. It's fun to just go up and spend time with the family and enjoy relaxing. But something special about THIS cabin experience was that we had a nice big rain storm. It was amazing. I absolutely love the rain... and probably a lot more then most who say that. I really think I might have to move to Seattle or some such place in Washington someday sooner rather then later. :) It was so nice to hear the thunder echo through the mountains and see the amazing flashes of lightning. I couldn't just sit there and watch... so I went out and stood in it for about 15 mins. Just soaking in what I could. I felt so at peace sitting there in the rain, closing my eyes and listening to it all around me, mixing in with the sounds of the booming thunder. Perfect. It was absolutely perfect, and exactly what I needed. :)

So I guess that is the point of this blog.

I love rain.

The end. :)

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