Dear So-and-So.

Dear Universe,
I want to become a part of this weird sensation, of writing letters to oneself or other random objects, like everyone else seems to be in. Will you help me out with that? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Advance Calculus,
You are a very difficult class. Could you maybe dumb it down? Just a little? For me?
Love, Me.

Dear Pajamas,
Thank you for being so warm and comfey, you make the 13 hour school days a lot more bearable.
Love, Me.

Dear December 7th-16th 2009,
Please don't suck the soul from my body? And maybe you can try and not be so crazy stressful and brain-draining? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Braedon,
I love you. Why on earth do you put up with my craziness? Let's get married, okay? Perfect. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Books,
Why do you have to be so tempting and wonderful? Don't you know I need to focus on school? Why do you have to trap me in your pages of mystery and plots, especially when I should be listening in class? Don't worry though, I'm not mad. I still love you. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Family,
Seriously, could you be any cooler, awesomer, wonderful, or loving? Nope. I think not. Thanks for all you do. :)
Love, Me.

Dear Life,
I know I complain at times. Probably too often. But I do love you and appreciate you more then I could ever say. Thanks for all the wonderful experiences and joys you bring me.
Love, Me.

Dear Running Shoes,
I miss you. Do you miss me? Lets hope next semester we will be spending more time together.
Love, Me.

Dear Me,
You are smart. You can do it. Give yourself some credit. Be still.
Love, Me.

Dear Dry Erase Markers and White Board,
You make homework and studying so much more enjoyable. How did I live with out you guys for so long?
Love, Me.

Dear School,
You will not get the better of me. I will defeat you in the end. You have been a worthy adversary and a constant companion these past years, but I will triumph. I will win. You're just gonna have to deal.
Love, Me.

Dear May 2010,
Please come quick? Thanks.
Love, Me.

Dear Social Life,
I know it's been a while, but don't worry, I'm still here. Please don't hate me for not visiting much lately... hopefully one day you'll understand.
Love, Me.

Dear Blog Readers,
Seriously? You really read this nonsense?
Love, Me.


Tiffany said...

Dear Katie,
You make me giggle. You are smart, and super awesome, and pretty, and nice, and funny, and cool, and all sorts of good stuff like that. You show that stupid school who's boss and then relax your pants off over holiday break. Oh wait- Ryan just reminded me that you are engaged and pointed out that relaxing your pants off would be a bad thing. Soo.... just relax and have lots of fun on the break and remember that you are fabulous.
me (and by me I mean Tiff)

Mackenzie said...

May 2010 will not come soon enough. I completely understand!

Mackenzie (or as you know me, Morrison)

kell said...

Why yes, yes I read it. And loved it. :) Love you!
Love, Me.