Moral of the Story.

So. It's Monday.

Bullet Point List anyone? Don't mind if I do.

Bullet Point Number 1: I totally came to school today in my pj's. Well. They are actually Braedon's pj's that I stole from him. They are wonderful. Why are they so wonderful you ask? Well let me tell you. They are always warm. Always. They are soft. They almost completely cover my shoes. They kinda make me feel like a bum. They are Braedon's. :)
Moral of the story? Monday's+Sweat Pants > Monday's-Sweat Pants.

Bullet Point Number 2: It's cold outside.
Moral of this story? Winter = Cold.

Bullet Point Number 3: Due to the fact that I got 'ready' in t-minus 10 minutes today I didn't have time to prepare food to bring to school with me. This is not such a good thing since I'm at school from 7:30 in the morning till 9:00 at night. So I went to the little cafe place by the math lab and I bought myself some microwavable mashed potatoes. They were delicious.

Moral of this story? Katie+Potatoes = Happier Katie

Bullet Point Number 4: I found out the other day that my Advance Calculus teacher knows how to count cards. The conversation went a little something like this (picture this being said in a chinese accent): "Everytime I go to Vegas it's free cause I always win so much money. I should take you all to Vegas so I can teach your how to gamble". He has actually been kicked out of casino's twice now cause of counting cards.
Moral of this story? Teacher + Ability to Count Cards = Awesome.

Bullet Point Number 5: I also found out today that I have another Advance Calculus test before the final. Lameness.
Moral of this story? Teacher+Adding Another Test to the Semester

Bullet Point Number 6: Sometimes I like to watch the show The Mentalist. I usually end up watching it when I'm at work at ELS and can watch stuff online. Anywho. For those who have not seen it, it's basically about this guy who used to be a con-artist and would trick people into thinking he could talk to there dead family members, when in reality he was just really good at reading people and understanding what they were thinking and what they wanted or needed to hear. He now helps out some law enforcement team in solving crimes using his mad people skills. This man's name is Patrick Jane. I love him. And I've decided that I want to try and work on my ability to read situations and be more in tune with the people around me.
Moral of this story? (Katie's Observation Skills > Jane's Observation Skills) = One Day.

Bullet Point Number 7: I went to the Chiropractor last week. I had gone to a chiropractor previously (right after my accident in December) but decided that I was annoyed with the whole thing and stopped going after 6 or 7 times, thinking I would be fine. Wrong.
My next hasn't really ever stopped hurting. So I went to a new Chiropractor and got a free consultation. And guess what? I'm still really screwed up. Go figure. He didn't actually do any cracking, just took a bunch of x-rays and junk. I go back on Wednesday for my first appointment. I am really looking forward to it. :)
Moral of this story? Getting T-Boned + Not Finishing Treatment = Stupid and Painful Idea.

Bullet Point Number 8:
This Friday I'm going to see New Moon with Braedon and friends. Ask me if I'm excited? Yes. Ask me if I'm more excited then I should be. Yes. I happened to see another preview for it the other day that I hadn't seen yet... it looks like they have done things a little better then the last movie. Let's hope, eh?
Moral of this story? Fictional Move about Vampires + Hot Jacob + Braedon + Friends = A Wonderful Sounding Friday Night = Excited Katie. :)

Welp. I think that's all I have for today my friends.

Moral of this story? No More Ideas = End of Blog.


kell said...

Kelli Prestwich likes this.

:D :D :D

A lot.

P.S. Dear Katie. You make me smile inside. So thank you.

Robin said...

Katie + Math Skills = Nerdiest Blog Ever = Amused Coolest Sister Ever.

Natalie said...

ok so I know we don't exactly hang out but I sorta stalk you. Your blogs crack me up - well the funny ones, other times they are just good reading :) And I love watching things progress w/ your sweetie - guess I'm a sucker for an old fashioned love story. Thanks so much for sharing and putting everything out there for our entertainment :) And Jer and I so better get an invite to the wedding! Hey, it's another present, right!! :D

kell said...

I want the engagement story! Pronto!!