And... Yes!

So. In case you haven't heard...

I'm engaged. Officially! :)

Finally, right?

So I've been asked by many people to post how Braedon proposed so here it is.

First off there are a couple of things you need to know.

Think To Know Number The First: I designed my ring. I hadn't planned on designing my ring until about 2.5 months ago when, while sitting in Sunday School, I started to doodle and a design was formed. I love how it turned out and I'm glad that I have something that is my own and fits me. :) Observe:

Thing To Know The Second: Because we were having the ring designed it meant that we had to wait out a certain time period for it to be finished. So in other words, the ring wasn't supposed to be done till Saturday the 21st. Well, Wednesday the 18th I got a call from the Jewelers with the news that my ring was ready. Why did I get the call you ask, and not Braedon? We still have no idea... so I text Braedon, told him it was done and that was that.

Thing To Know The Third: For those of you who may not know... I emcee for a local Improv Group called And... Go! (insert plug here: check it out - especially if you have no idea what improv is... trust me, it helps make more sense of the story to come). On Wednesday's nights we have practice. Braedon likes to come and watch.

Thing To Know The Forth: There is a certain game we play in improv that is called "Day in a Life", where I go and ask one of the audience members to tell me about there day from start to finish - with every little stupid detail. After we finish hearing about there day, the actors then act it out from start to finish. It ends up being extremely funny.

Thing To Know The Fifth: Braedon has only been able to surprise me once in my life. No joke.

On to the story.

So like I said, I got a call from the jewelers informing me that my ring was done at about 2:00 in the afternoon Wednesday. I then text Braedon to let him know, thinking he probably wouldn't even be able to pick it up till maybe tomorrow, if then. So the day progresses and I finally finish up with school and head over to Braedon's to work on homework until he get's done with work. I get a call about 5:30 from Braedon who is stuck in traffic and will be home in about 20 minutes. He finally gets home, showers and we eat dinner. Then it's time for Improv practice! We get in his car and drive on over.

Improv practice was going just like normal. Until Clint (a member of And... Go!) says "Let's play 'Day in a Life', we haven't played that one for a while!" So I say okay. And then Clint picks Braedon to tell us his day. So Braedon tells us his day from start to finish and the game begins. Clint decided to be Braedon, and I was played by Kurtis (who is growing an awesome beard right now by the way. Sweet.) As the get towards the end of the day Braedon interupts them and says "Oh wait! I forgot to tell you something I did today" and proceeds to whisper into Clint's ear...

This is when I started getting wary.

Clint then declares "Oh yes! That's right! I forgot, I had gone to the flower store first!" And he walks over to the door that leads into the room where his wife has flowers that Braedon bought and were apparently hiding in his car. She hands the flowers to Clint, who then hands them to Braedon and says something to the effect "I'll let you take over from here". And then Braedon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I, of course, said yes. :)

It was perfect. And a complete surprise. I wasn't expecting him to do it that night since we didn't even know the ring was supposed to be done. But apparently when I told him it was done he started making calls and figuring out how he wanted to do it. He had his mom pick up the ring for him and when he had called me saying he was stuck in traffic he was just coming home from the flower shop. He knew if he did it that night it would be the only way it would be a surprise... and that it was.

So there you have it! We are finally engaged and I couldn't be happier. I love Braedon so much and I can't wait to be sealed to him for time and eternity. He loves me so much and treats me so well, I couldn't ask for anything more of him.

I love him with all my heart.


Brittany said...

cute! and congrats! that's exciting!! :)

Tay said...

AWESOME!!!! Congrats you two!! I love you both! You're ring is pretty awesome. My husband's fam is big into designing rings, among many things. Funny story. My husband says we need to be friends. LOL Bet you both love that, especially Bread. Grats again you two!!!

::Kayla:: said...

SOOO CUTE!!!! Congrats im so excited for you guys!

kell said...

AAAAHHHH!!!! I LOVE it! It surely did not disappoint. :D Thank you for sharing!!! And super happy congratulations! P.S. Clint is my favorite. hahaha.

YAAAAYYYY for you!! SOO happy for you.

Allison and Mason: said...

You both look so incredibly happy in the picture. It brings me joy.