Burnt Out. Shut Down. Out of Order. Vacant. Exploded.

Apparently it has become a Monday ritual to write a blog when I'm stuck in the Stats lab and not able to do any more homework due to the fact that my brain as shut down.

Speaking of shut down.

I think my brain has gone on vacation and forgot to tell me. Or maybe it just died. Or is on hibernation-mood. Or just simply imploded. In any case, it's not functioning at proper efficiency at the moment and my classes are getting so hard right now it's ridiculous. Normally I would find some way to deal with it and get through it. And I'm sure I will this time too... eventually. I just feel so worn down. Doesn't it seem like there aren't as many breaks during Fall semester as there are in Spring? Why is that?

Luckily I have a break that I can see right over the horizon. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving break, not because I necessarily think I'll be able to have a break and do nothing, but to be able to get caught up on school and all other things of life. But then, on the same breath, me thinking of Thanksgiving makes me think of finals that are just around the corner, and then I just about have a panic attack. I hate finals. I hate tests period. I actually don't mind school, or even homework... but tests freak me out. I stress way too much about them, even when I tell myself not to. I have to get a blessing before almost every test I take just so I can calm down and study better.

In other words: I'm ridiculous.

Then on top of all things school I have other things I'm going to have to start thinking about. Like finishing school, and all that comes with that. Such as, figuring out how I'm going to start paying off my student loans, applying for graduation, getting a portfolio together, figuring out exactly what I need to do in order to start teaching in the Fall, doing all said things I find out that I need to do in order to start teaching in the fall, actually applying to high schools to teach at, plus all wedding plans, all things that are involved with said wedding plans, etc, etc...

*insert brain explosion here*

Sigh. This too shall pass. Hopefully I just don't pass right along with it. ;)

In other, non-murmuring, non-ungrateful, non-whiny, non-school related news. Me and Braedon went ring shopping on Saturday. And got a ring. :) It wont be done for another two weeks... but I'm really excited. I love Braedon so much. He helps keep me lifted and motivated through all my school crap and is such a support to me. With him around, life is never really that bad. :) Not to mention he still loves me despite my neurotic-ness, spasms, ticks, geekiness, breakdowns, and craziness.

What a weirdo.



stacy said...

I just found your blog and I hope it's ok if I comment.?? I can remember those days.. school stress, work stress, getting married stress.. You learn how to manage and deal with it all. You are a great girl and will get through this with flying colors. I am excited about the ring news, can't wait to see it. You will be such an awesome (official) new addition to the crazy family.

Katie McLelland said...

Of course it's okay that you comment! :) Hopefully I do manage and can deal with it all! Thanks for the support! I'm excited to be an official addition to the family as well. What's a little more crazy added to the mix, eh? ;)

::Kayla:: said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! CONGRATS on the ring!!! Im sooo excited for you!!!

Kara and Chant said...

I too remember what it was like. I was working 2 jobs 7 days a week while trying to plan my wedding. Here's a bit of unsolicited advice (hope that's okay). When I was planning my wedding I was so busy that I let other people do a lot of it for me. When I look back I wish I had been more involved and had things the way I wanted them. Enjoy this! Looking back these will be some precious memories. Make 'em good ones. And get the bouquet you like! Tell Braedon hi! You will survive because you seem like a strong person. Good luck on the upcoming finals!

The Kims said...

You'll have to post pictures of the ring or send pictures to me when you get it! Oh man, wedding plans can be a huge pain! If you need any help with things, let me know! Lucky for you there are a lot of recently married people in our family to help you out! The semester I was engaged is just a huge blur of being tired. Good luck! Also, my brain has shut down as well. I was trying to study for my test today and everything just went right over my head. I thought of writing a nice letter to my undergraduate career to tell it that we're through.