Bite the Bullet*

So this post probably wont have a ton to do with Christmas - but I'm sure I'm bound to mention some things that pertain to the special holiday. :)

Recap Bullet List Style.

- We went to the Eclipse Christmas Concert. Everything I wanted it to be. And now I'm even more excited for Christmas.

- We had one of Braedon's family Christmas parties this past week. They do the whole 5 dollar white elephant gift exchange (that seems almost a staple of Christmas now...). One of our gifts was two pair of pink and purple thongs, some candy, and a mug that happens to be in the shape of a certain female body part (in the chest area), that has a perfectly placed hole for one to drink out of. This gift happened to be picked by a newly engaged couple. Perfect. :)

- Braedon's Uncle is having some major complications - kidney's failing, something weird with the legs that needed surgery so that the muscles wouldn't die. It all came suddenly and seemingly out of no-where. Braedon and his Grandpa went and gave him a blessing on Sunday and I was reminded once again of how wonderful it is to have a Priesthood holder in my home. Please send any extra prayers or good thoughts to Braedon's Uncle and his family, they are going to need it.

- Also on Saturday we went to a book signing of my favorite author, Brandon Sanderson. He did a Reading and a Q&A before the signing... I was too chicken to ask my question, but my brother Taylor asked it for me and it made me feel special. I feel so nerdy going to a book signing and asking questions - but secretly I love it. And honestly, he really is the coolest nerd I've ever met.

- Lately on Facebook - I've been a hiding fiend. Apparently I'm too lazy to actually delete people from my friend list, so I've resorted to just hiding them. It feels rather refreshing.

- I've really been missing dance lately (the pretty Ballet clip Kelci just showed me on youtube didn't help very much).  Braedon's work does this program where they pay for half your membership to Golds Gym, and you don't have to sign any kind of contract. We are talking about maybe signing up - and I'm not gonna lie, the main reason why I want to sign up is for the free classes... Maybe they will have a dance one? I honestly just need to get into dancing again. I misseth it. Anyone know of a place that has adult classes - for the not so advance. :)

*Did you notice the play on words!? Bullet... and I did a blog post with Bullet points! I'm so clever**.
**Don't look up the word clever in the dictionary... just trust me on this one.

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kell said...

Um, I did. I looked up clever. And nothing happened.
I want my money back.
(and because I'm at work I typed book instead of back and almost didn't even notice.)