One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the traditions that come with it. So today I am going to share with you some of my favorite traditions! :)

-Putting up Decorations the Day After Thanksgiving. This is something my mom started that I am going to keep going. I love putting up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Something simple, but I loved spending time with my mom, listening to Christmas music, putting up decorations. It's something I hope that my children will cherish one day. :)

-Christmas parties. I love getting together with family, having fun, being happy, eating good food, exchanging lame-o 5 dollar gifts, exchanging non lame-o more then 5 dollar gifts. It's always nice to see family!

-Watching Muppet Christmas Carol. I love this movie so much. I love Muppet's so much. This movie brings back my childhood like no other movie. I used to watch this even when it wasn't Christmas. It's comforting, and I love singing a long with all the Muppet's. Also, it's got a good moral, so that's always a bonus.

-Singing. This comes in different ways, at parties, in the car, carols, with family, in church. Whatever form, I love singing Christmas songs. The more traditional songs are my favorite - O'Holy Night, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, etc. Something about singing makes me feel closer to Christ. :)

-Lights/Hot Chocolate. This is probably the only time I really love going down town (I have decided that I am so not a city girl) I love going with friends, walking around Temple Square, looking at the lights, with a cup of 7-11 Hot Chocolate in my gloved hands. I really love twinkle lights, I think they are magical. :)

-New Traditions. Traditions have to start somewhere, and I'm excited to be starting new traditions with my Braedon. We've decided that every year we want to get some type of decoration that has to deal with the Nativity scene - to help us remember what Christmas is all about. This year with money being a little tight, we didn't actually get a Nativity set, but we got an ornament with the Nativity Scene painted on it. We love it. :) I'm excited to see what decorations we will get in the upcoming years.

I'm also excited to see what traditions we will start for our family as it grows (no this is not an announcement).

Hope you all are enjoying your traditions! :)


Jared Parmenter said...

Love your traditions. I have to admit I share your love of Muppet Christmas Carol and walking around Temple Square sipping Hot Chocolate.

Good luck with your new traditions too. They sound like something you will really enjoy.

Kelly Jean said...

Bah! Katie! I'm so flattered that you creeped my blog - why haven't we already been doing that to each other?? We altos need to stick together! Just added you to my list, so I'll be checking in, for sure :)

Love this list, by the way!! The Muppet Christmas Carol is the ONLY Christmas Carol story to watch (in my books... the others just creep me out.) :) Yay for CHRISTMAS!!!

(And hahaha, that was hilarious when Nick did the sounds - I'm glad you remember that.. haha. I'll have to remind him about it tonight ;))

Karissa said...

mmmm 7-11 Hot chocolate is the best. I don't know how they do it...but it's just the best.