Inside Out

So once upon a time I was blog stalking the wonderful Kelly onceBrownbutnow White (and her Husband's) blog. She was making some fun Christmas Decorations that she had seen from this blog.

Having been directed to the ColorMeKatie blog I soon became addicted. I loved seeing all the vibrate color in her life, all the creative things she comes up with, and her positive fun loving attitude. 

I was inspired.

I decided that I wanted to bring more color and creativity to my life, play more, and to be more positive. I especially loved the blog she wrote about her favorite coat she happened to ruin. She turned something that could have been really sad and frustrating into something fun and better! 

I loved this idea so much that I told Braedon about it (I probably told him a lot more about this blog then he wanted to hear, to be honest) and my inspiration to play more and be more positive.

Now we jump to a few days ago. Me and Braedon bought are very first Christmas Tree and put it up the day after Thanksgiving. We loved it - it was so pretty! Observe:

Sorry for the Crappy Photo - I only got a picture on my phone. Kinda sad.
Well last week we noticed that four of the branches on our Christmas Tree had gone out - apparently the whole strand of lights was bad. So we called the store that we got the tree from and they said that we could return it for full credit back. So Braedon took down all the decorations and packed up the tree. We returned it on Saturday, only to find out that all of the stores were out of this particular tree. We considered buying a different tree, but all the ones that were left were very crappy looking, and we didn't want to waste money on a tree we didn't like or on a tree we didn't feel we would want to use again next year.

So we decided to think on it and search around to see if we could find a decent tree so late in the season - if not, I had a tiny little tree that I bought when I was young that we could use for the remaining week. 

Well apparently this idea didn't sit well with Braedon. He knew that I really wanted a tree for Christmas - especially since it's our first Christmas as a family. So he kept thinking and thinking of a way to make this work when he remembered the blog that I had shown him - especially the story about the ruined coat.

And he came up with an idea.

Since, as I said in a previous post, we are moving on January 8th - we've been accumulating a lot of boxes to pack stuff in. Braedon decided that instead of getting a lame crappy tree that we wouldn't really want and would also have to find a place to store, that we would instead make our own tree - out of wrapped boxes. So we went and bough some more wrapping paper and a couple of ginormous bulbs and went to work. We wrapped up all our packing boxes and put them together with my little tree on top. I love how it turned out! Observe again:

Lighted Ribbon - Something we bought last year for like 2 bucks and didn't
even realize it wasn't regular ribbon. Bonus!

It looks even prettier and cooler in person. :)

We love it so much it might just become a tradition... we'll see how we feel next year. But I'm so glad that Braedon found a way to turn our sad tree story inside out and make it into something fun!

I'm so excited for Christmas. :)



Kelly Jean said...

Yay, I love this post! So awesome!!! Don't you love Color Me Katie??? I had the same reaction when I first found out about her - I just went through her archives and read (everything??)... and babbled on & on to Nick about how much I love her and want to be more creative & colorful & fun :) I love what you guys did with the tree! Simply fabulous. You guys are so cute! :)

Katie Goudie said...

Yes! I'm so glad you linked to her Blog. Love it.

And don't worry - the first day I looked at it... I think I ended up reading everything as well. :)

Kara and Chant said...

That is such a creative idea! It looks so cute!

kell said...

What a sweetie. Working so hard to make you happy! Our guys are the best. :)
Love what you guys came up with! I think I will spend the remainder of my shift at work checking out Color Me Katie. Fabulous.

Karissa said...

Oh I love your tree! I want to be more creative too, I've been trying to think of ways, and I've realized how much of a difference being positive makes in life. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe that will be my new years resolution.