Delight. Relish. Enjoy.

Some things that make me happy right now are:

- Being fully moved in, unpacked, organized, and settled into our new apartment. We got everything done in one day - literally. Pictures hung up even. A big thanks goes to Braedon's sister for staying with us from Noon till Ten helping us out and keeping us motivated to get it all done. 

- Spell Check. Because I spell motivated wrong every single time I type it.

- The Game Dominion and friends to play it with. Thanks for coming over last night Ali and Morrison!

- My Kobo (eReader) and the ability I have to have hundreds of books at my fingertips. Wonderful.

- The fact that it's Friday. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't it awesome that every week we get a Friday? I think it's pretty cool.


- Ingrid Michaelson. I just love her music so much. Wonderful, wonderful. Especially the song 'Keep Breathing'. Mmmmm,

- Braedon. When is he not making me happy? Especially when he sends me texts like this:
"Psst... guess what?
I love you!!!!"
My Fedora Collection also makes me happy. :)

- My new Earring/Gauges that aren't made of rubber like my last ones so they don't make my ears freak out and rash. :)
They're swirly!

- Life in general. You know... I've heard somewhere that it's to be enjoyed. I try to follow that advice. :)

And I hope you try to follow that advice as well. :)

Happy Friday internet.

Loves and hugs - spread it around. :)


Kelly Jean said...

Love this! What a happy, positive, gear-up-for-the-awesome-weekend post! :)

kell said...

HA! I've never seen the cartwheeling wedding picture before!!! LOVE it. Totally looks like you're just flying upside down. Thanks, invisible arms! haha

The Morrisons said...

Ahhh Dominion was so fun!! You guys need to come down soon so we can play it again :)