Upside Down Frown

I've decided that this Monday I'm going to turn my usual Monday frown upside down.

Sad that my alarm clock went off.  Happy that I get to wake up and live another day.
Sad that it's a Monday.  Happy that I get to start another week fresh that will eventually lead to another weekend!
- Sad that I pushed snooze too many times and ended up not having time to shower.  Happy that due to unwashed hair I get to sport one of my wonderful fedora's.
Braedon got me this one for Christmas. :)
Sad that I leave for work before the Sun is event half way up.  Happy for the chance to see a beautiful sunrise with the soft rainy clouds on my drive to work.
- Sad that I have to work on a day that many others do not.  Happy for the opportunity to earn money on a day that others can't.
- Sad that she can't think of anything else she's sad about...  Happy for being Happy. :)

Happy Monday internet. :)


xantogal said...

I love it! :) good for you to see the positive side of life!

kell said...

hahaha YES! Way to go.

Karissa said...

Love this. Way to be positive. I've been trying to work on being positive more often too, I wish I would have read this post this morning so I too would have had my Monday Blues taken away. Don't feel bad, I had to work too. I was mad about this when I woke up too, but my bad mood stopped when I realized that it being a holiday meant that there were about half the cars on the road. I love that.