High Tech Fish Deserve High Tech Names

I am please to announce to the blogging world that Braedon and I are finally proud fish owners. :)

We've been talking about getting a fish for quite awhile now, and on Monday night Braedon turned to me and said "Let's go get a fish!".

So we went to the pet store, looked around at all the fishy's and until we found the ones we wanted. We then bought all necessary fish items and soon discovered that the tank should be set up with water and the filter running for at least 24 hours before any fish are put in it. So sadly no new fishies yet, but we went home, set up the tank and waited anxiously (at least... I did) to go get our fish the following day.

So then comes Tuesday and we head back over to our friendly neighborhood Pet's Mart and walk up to the tank holding the fish we had seen the day before. A lovely Pet's Mart associate helped us out in getting our new fish and telling us a little bit about proper tank care and the such.

We shortly check out and are officially proud fish owners! Observe:
Me getting mad a Braedon for pretending to eat the fishies.

The type of fish we got are called GloFish. Which we discovered is a genetically modified version of a flourescent zebrafish. Here is a close up of the three we got:

Pretty, eh!?
So since these fishy's are a little high tech we decided that they deserve high tech names... and what's more high tech then Star Trek*!!!

The Red one is Aurora, the Orange(that looks kinda yellow) one is Sulu, and the Green one is Spock Jr. :)

Why Spock Jr. you ask? Well because we already have a Spock in the family:

Shout Out to Cam for one of the coolest Birthday gifts ever!
We are excited to become better acquainted with Aurora, Sulu, and Spock Jr. and we feel they make a nice edition to the family.

Hopefully they feel at home in the new place we've brought them to. :)


Chels said...

Awe. I remember when we got our first fishes. They were puffers. One of them ate the other one. And the one that's still alive is batshit crazy and WON'T die.

Hooray for FISH.

Katie Goudie said...

Ha! Puffer fish would be fun! Though the whole eating other fish thing kinda makes me sad... Lol

Kara and Chant said...

You are too cute!

kell said...

Love it! I wanna see more pictures of your new place!